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ASO Report #046 – Night time visual sighting near Morley

→ Type of Encounter:

Visual Sighting

→ Reported by:


→ Location of Encounter: 

NW corner of Morley, AB

→ Date & Time of Encounter:

2018-03-26 @ 10:10 PM

→ Details of the Event:

I have some thing to tell you… my son in law had to walk from down the hill around 10:10 this evening because his truck ran out of gas. So as he walked up to our house he saw the big guy on the hill above the road in the open. He said it was a bit over 8 feet tall. It watched him, it was all black and very wide across the shoulders. My son in law said he had his arms folded over his head watching him walk. And the other morning around 5am we heard a loud scream and it sounded like a woman screaming, it woke us up out of a dead sleep.


Posted above you will find one of our many logged contemporary reports of suspected encounters with the legendary creature known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot. We make an attempt to verify the credibility of each claim before posting it to the website. The opinions and observations made herein are that of the original author's alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Alberta Sasquatch Organization (ASO).

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