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MBM: Bigfoot in our National Parks – Waterton Lakes Sightings

Justin is back on the trail with his new video while investigating and hiking in

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MBM: Exploring Alberta’s Sasquatch Hotspot

Check out our latest visit to Alberta’s alleged Sasquatch hotspot:

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MBM: Classic Encounters – The Bighorn Dam Incident (Alberta)

From the ASO archives, Justin is back with a new instalment of

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MBM: New Alleged Bigfoot/Sasquatch Photo From Alberta

Here is the photo that we’ve been promising would be released. The photo was

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MBM: Creepy Bigfoot Screams Caught on Tape (Alberta)

Justin is back this week with another edition of MountainBeastMysteries where he

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MBM: Expedition Sasquatch Episode #3

Justin is back this week with the third full length instalment of Expedition

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MQ: Searching for Sasquatch in N. Ontario

This is an older documentary from the TV series MonsterQuest that used to air in

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Les Stroud Survivorman: Possible Sasquatch Encounter

A while back Les Stroud, better known as Survivorman, came forward about his strange

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Sasquatch Chronicles 2018-03-09

Sasquatch Chronicles: Encounters from Alberta, Canada (Ep. 324)

Wes Germer over at the Sasquatch Chronicles podcast broadcast this episode back in

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