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    I commented on a youtube video and someone responded and said to post my encounter on here.

    heres that post,

    “I actually had an experience in the exact same location, kinda. I say experience because I didn’t see anything but I heard the strangest noises that all off a sudden surrounded me. Really strange. That place gives me the creeps now. Cutoff creek road, up past where the elk river meets the Clearwater on a campsite probably half a km into a lodge pole pine stand. Ape like chatter and yelling, sounded really close. I don’t care if anyone believes me, but I think there’s something strange happening down the trunk Rd.”

    Pretty much how i describe it. I walked into the trees with my hatchet, kinda just taking in the scenery. (Im from Ontario and love the outdoors, and this area of AB is absolutely breathtaking btw.) First thing that happened was a loud howl. My immediate reaction was horseback riders just having a good time somewhere further into the bush. I thought nothing of the howl. When it happened the 2nd and 3rd time i was even more convinced it was people because it sounded like people. I was laughing actually and considered yelling back because Bigfoot was the last thing on my mind. Mountain lions and blacks bears sure, but i dont beleive in sasquatch and the whole idea seems silly. Then it got closer, and there was definitly more than one. Still believing its people, it occurred to me that they covered ground fast because it was like 30 seconds between it being far away until it was close. It was like weird monkey noises all of a sudden. I felt mostly surrounded like i was being watched by a bunch of invisible people making monkey noises. Its sounds so weird haha… but it happened and i never felt fear like that in my life, i froze stiff. I had my bear spray on me and the little orange safety clip was now off lol.. Whatever made those noises was getting maced. It stopped and started a few times and almost sounded like it was above me in the trees, but i couldn’t see anything. This wasn’t ravens, 100%. It sounded like monkeys, sort of talking to each other and confidently knowing that i hear them. It wasn’t afraid of me for sure. The whole incident probably took no more than 4-5 minutes from the first howl until i ran back to my car. I was petrified… I actually jumped waste deep into that creek, (oops..) I stood at my car for about 10 minutes waiting to see if something would appear along the bushline, but nothing. It was completely silent. I drove down to the staging area to see if anyone was there and there was no one.. It rained earlier that day and judging by the dirt on the road i was the only person down that road after it rained. Like i was saying, i don’t believe in these things, but i also know it wasn’t a prank, no one would go to that length.

    **** I’ve spent a lot of time in this area fly fishing and camping. I’d spend all my days off out there so i’m very familiar with the landscape. I’m also aware of how easy it is to panic when you’re alone and how easy it is to misconstrue things. I don’t have a passion to investigate sasquatches, and i don’t tell many people about. I just think if someone is into exploring this phenomenon this would be a good place to start ****

    Feel free to copy and paste this or contact me if you have questions.



    I have camped down the Cutoff Creek Road before. Very squatchy. Actually camped not far off the Trunk Road on it. One night standing by the fire right at dusk I saw a white wolf cross the road a hundred or so yards away. Road the quads down to the staging area but that was as deep as I got in.

    I’ve also found bare footprints on the side of Elk Creek, near the campground. They were within human range but it was also still spring and quite cold and they were fresh. Interesting nonetheless…

    I’ve also had a friend report to me that he was staying just off of the trunk road on the Peppers Lake Road and had a tree come down right by camp in the middle of the night, no wind or anything. He found it a bit unsettling as they were sitting by the fire having drinks.

    We would love if you filed your report with us. Just look under the contact us button on the top of the main site page. Very interesting experience you had there.



    Hey Radlers, this is really cool to me for a couple of reasons!

    When did this happen?

    I spent an entire summer camped back there in my trailer in 2016. I was doing a lease reclamation in the area. Pretty lonely, no cell phone service. Nothing really weird happened that summer except for a lone wolf howl on two occasions. Not normally worth mentioning except I’m not sure it’s that common for a wolf to howl one time with no response from any others. The second time was in the morning and I remember thinking there was something odd about it. The second sound in the morning creeped me out somehow. I know Sasquatch have been known to mimick all kinds of animals. Honestly, at the time it didn’t even occur to me that it could be anything else besides a wolf but when I think back now it makes me wonder. I’ve spent a lot of time in the bush and it just struck me as weird…both times it was within 500 meters of my trailer.

    Also, there were three full grown wild horses living right there that I saw every day. One of them had a colt that disappeared half way through my time there. Could be bear or cat for sure but if there’s Sasquatch in that area…Wild horses are not easy to deal with, they thrive out there and I don’t think their offspring are taken easily by the known predators.

    Second thing, in about 2009 we were camped at Jackfish Lake which is between Rocky Mtn Hse and Nordegg. One morning at about 1-2am these weird screams started happening in the bush around our campsite. It was coming from three different locations in a kind of triangular pattern, like they were calling each other. This area has A LOT of cougars but I know what they sound like, this was no cougar. Two full grown dogs in our camp ran under the trailers whimpering. Neither dog was normally afraid of wildlife. They both normally slept outside but one of them wanted inside the trailer, stood at the door whimpering even with two of us guys outside at the fire. The reason I mention this story is because the next morning I was sitting around with my son and brother in law who both heard the noise. We all kind of said how it sounded like monkey’s. I’ve never been able to find that sound. I’ve searched known animals as well as purported Sasquatch sounds and have never heard it again. Your story is the first time I’ve heard it described as sounding like monkey’s.

    A couple more for the mods of this site in case it interests you.

    South of Nordegg on the trunk road, about 5km south of the Ram River. Again working on a lease there doing a remediation. I was parked on the lease road while a two man crew was working about half a km behind me. Perfectly clear, calm sunny day at about noon. No machinery working, very quiet and a huge tree just randomly falls over in the bush beside me. I couldn’t see it, only heard it but it couldn’t have been more than a couple hundred yards away. Zero wind at the time. I got out of my truck a threw some rocks in the direction of the tree fall but nothing else happened. Again, not evidence of Bigfoot but I’ve heard this in different reports where a sighting was associated before or after. I remember seeing a Survivorman episode where he said that happened to him on a couple of occasions.

    Sometime around 2006 or 2007 I was working in the Swan Hills area. I was on a well travelled back road, as I came around a corner I immediately noticed the top of a tree shaking violently back and forth. As I watched it while I approached, it eventually fell towards the road!! No wind, no other trees moving, something was shaking it. My first thought was bear because there are a lot of bears there. But I drove up beside the tree and there was nothing there!! It really weirded me out because nothing had time to get out of my sight that fast. From the time the tree hit the ground to the time I was parked at the end of it was maybe 5 seconds. Small tree, no more than 6″ at the base. It was also a dead tree, actually looked like it was burned from a fire sometime in the past. I stopped there again the next day after thinking about it that night. Soft mossy ground but no footprints or other signs.



    Mugwai, we would love if you would file some actual reports with us! Sound like you have spent a lot of time in some very squatchy places out there! You have a great job for that kind of thing if you’re into that kind of thing lol. You definitely have more of a chance of seeing something than 99% of the rest of the population here in Alberta.

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