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    Hi all
    First off I would like to ask if this forum used to be or was derived from a different forum? Just curious as I was/am a member on a similar forum that I cant seem to find anymore.
    Now that that is out of the way. I am curious on your take of something that happened to me 2 weekends ago. Was out just north of Rocky Mountainhouse trying out my new shotgun. I had fired 4 rounds out of it then switched to my rifle. 5 shots later when go to grab my shotgun again I hear 4 loud knocks. I would say like a hard wood hitting a tree(I have heard this before in this area about 3 yrs ago). I ignore the sounds a fire 4 more rounds out of my shotgun. Then I smell what reminds me of skunk but not quite the same smell.
    Here is where I am looking for input. The knocks came from in front of me. The smell was from my right rearish. It only lasted for a couple seconds and was gone. So I loaded up n left the area. All the while my hair on my kneck was standing up. It all felt off. Back to the smell…I have read Bigfoot stinks from rotting garbage to rotten meat to skunk. Is the smell there all the time or is it something they can control and release at will?
    Thanks for any and all input



    Yea, that forum still exists, but the owner is hoping we all move over to this one. Unfortunately he can’t move the threads over from that forum though.

    Sounds like a chilling (and neat) experience.

    Its all theories as no one is an expert on the matter. Many primates will release pharamones when stressed or when they feel threatened or aggressive from glands often in their legs. Some theorize that Sasquatch has similar physiology. So it is possible that one was near you and agitated. Many have described a ” wet dog/garbage/skunky” smell that has a sweet quality to it. Yours sounds similar. What specific area was this in if you don’t mind me asking?



    By the way, this is the old forum and the one you were likely thinking of:



    Hey, thanks for posting this question. The old forum is still linked to from the main page of this one.

    Sounds like a pretty novel experience to us. Can you email me at as I’d like to ask you a bit more about your experience location.



    Thanks for the replies guys. The specific spot is north of Rocky towards Alderflats. As a guess 15mins north. On a lease road. I come from the north so not excactly sure. Been there a lot over the yrs as I hunt in the area. Will have to get lease number next time I am there.
    Not my first encounter in that spot either. Was 1 other about 3 yrs ago I posted on the other forum.
    The experience is one I wont forget anytime soon. If at all…
    Never thought I would be scared holdin a 12 gauge lol



    Lookin forward to readin about various encounters on here and maybe just learn a thing or two while I am at it.
    And if what happened to me turns out to be something else well so be it. At least I would know for next time lol

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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