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    i know there are clusters of reports near nordegg but where else??



    I have uploaded the first ~35 reports to the website but I have another dozen or so to go.

    Clusters have been:
    -Rocky Mtn. House
    -Lac Le Biche

    Smaller clusters along the SW of the province in the Crowsnest area and Waterton.



    I think it’s also important to note that visual sightings of the actual creature (not just footprints or other circumstantial evidence) span an area from Rainbow Lake and High Level all the way south to Waterton Lakes National Park. As the crow flies, that’s a distance of over 1,100 km (683.22 mi).

    Edit: Note that there is also a sightings map available here:

    Sightings Map

    That map was compiled by a woman going by Miss Squatcher which is project to bring together all the reports she found on the internet (mostly BFRO) and plot them on a map the best she could. We are going to be doing a separate map (hopefully this week) of just ASO reports.

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    I wactched a few of your YT vids and it at least kept me interested, which is more than i can say for most other Bigfoot videos that can be found online. Anyways, i come here in hopes that someone would follow up the odd experience i had. I wrote about it on your YT comments, and you (i think) told me to come here and write about it.

    heres that post,

    “I actually had an experience in the exact same location, kinda. I say experience because I didn’t see anything but I heard the strangest noises that all off a sudden surrounded me. Really strange. That place gives me the creeps now. Cutoff creek road, up past where the elk river meets the Clearwater on a campsite probably half a km into a lodge pole pine stand. Ape like chatter and yelling, sounded really close. I don’t care if anyone believes me, but I think there’s something strange happening down the trunk Rd.”

    Pretty much how i describe it. I walked into the trees with my hatchet, kinda just taking in the scenery. (Im from Ontario and love the outdoors, and this area of AB is absolutely breathtaking btw.) First thing that happened was a loud howl. My immediate reaction was horseback riders just having a good time somewhere further into the bush. I thought nothing of the howl. When it happened the 2nd and 3rd time i was even more convinced it was people because it sounded like people. I was laughing actually and considered yelling back because Bigfoot was the last thing on my mind. Mountain lions and blacks bears sure, but i dont beleive in sasquatch and the whole idea seems silly. Then it got closer, and there was definitly more than one. Still believing its people, it occurred to me that they covered ground fast because it was like 30 seconds between it being far away until it was close. It was like weird monkey noises all of a sudden. I felt mostly surrounded like i was being watched by a bunch of invisible people making monkey noises. Its sounds so weird haha… but it happened and i never felt fear like that in my life, i froze stiff. I had my bear spray on my and the little orange safety clip was now off lol.. Whatever made those noises was getting maced. It stopped and started a few times and almost sounded like it was above me in the trees, but i couldn’t see anything. This wasn’t ravens, 100%. It sounded like monkeys, sort of talking to each other and confidently knowing that i hear them. It wasn’t afraid of me for sure. The whole incident probably took no more than 4-5 minutes from the first howl until i ran back to my car. I was petrified… I actually jumped waste deep into that creek, (oops..) I stood at my car for about 10 minutes waiting to see if something would appear along the bushline, but nothing. It was completely silent. I drove down to the staging area to see if anyone was there and there was no one.. It rained earlier that day and judging by the dirt on the road i was the only person down that road after it rained. Like i was saying, i don’t believe in these things, but i also know it wasn’t a prank, no one would go to that length.

    **** I’ve spent a lot of time in this area fly fishing and camping. I’d spend all my days off out there so i’m very familiar with the landscape. I’m also aware of how easy it is to panic when you’re alone and how easy it is to misconstrue things. I don’t have a passion to investigate sasquatches, and i don’t tell many people about. I just think if someone is into exploring this phenomenon this would be a good place to start ****

    Feel free to copy and paste this or contact me if you have questions.




    Thanks for the reply. Sorry it took us so long to get back to you about your experience with the howls and the ‘samurai chatter’. I haven’t been monitoring the message board here too closely since it’s still in its infancy. I appreciate you sharing your experience. I too had a personal encounter but never ended up seeing the person/thing that causes so I can empathize. If you could email me at keenan@sasquatchalberta.com I’d like to talk to you more about your experience.

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