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ASO Report #054 – Multiple Witnesses Encounter Hostile Group of Sasquatch

→ Type of Encounter:

Visual Sighting, Object Throwing

→ Reported by:


→ Location of Encounter: 

SW of Sundre [51.607591 – 115.390346]

→ Date & Time of Encounter:

Spring 2004, Evening

→ Details of the Event:

was still some snow in the bush, we were picking dried tamarack and spruce deadfall to take home for making bean pole teepee’s in our garden. We had our 3 kids with us aged around 3, 6 and 8 at the time. My wife and i were dragging the dryfall out of the bush and figuring which ones we could work with. After what seemed like about a couple hours, we had a stack of about 25 poles and were eating a lunch with the kids when things went absolutely crazy.

At first, we got screamed at (big time), then stuff comes flying outta the bush at us ie: rocks, tree limbs and sod hunks,….. sounded like things breaking in the bush and whacking sounds,……..it was phukn NUTS!! Nothing hit any of us.

We had been in that area many times prior in the years and never had anything like this occur.

Our 8 yr old jumped into the truck and locked all the doors,……….with the other four of us doing laps around the vehicle,…….i grabs our 3 yr old and gets her into the back seat through the window,…… and am trying to figure out who is screwing with us. It is funny now,………..not so much back then.

now this is weird,….

First whoever or whatever,…… was crawling on all fours over all the downed timber and
old logs, staring right at me as it moved back and forth………….. from what i could make out, and another one or two were behind it (with it?) also on all fours crawling around behind with the closer one (that seemed way bigger?) one that i could make out,….through the bush, these ones were about 15-20 ft inside the tree line……………….(we were parked in the ditch off of the old lease road)………… about 30-40 ft further into the timber, was another two ?? or couple person(s) sillouette we could make out. They were moving through the trees making animal crazy sounds,……big, deep, volume,…….we were””whoolly shit!!!!”””” No person could do that. No way can anyone belt it out like that. Not a chance.

This went on for for what seemed a good couple minutes,…… all of the kids began freaking out and crying inside the vehicle,………. my wife was standing with me when we were watching this go on ,……… and then started telling me “lets get out of here”,……………and i am trying to get a grip on the shit i am looking at through / inside the trees.

i don’t think i was freaked out by what was happening,……i just could not process what i was looking at,……..i still recall thinking “why” would that it is are “some people” trying to scare the shit out of us out here?


Posted above you will find one of our many logged contemporary reports of suspected encounters with the legendary creature known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot. We make an attempt to verify the credibility of each claim before posting it to the website. The opinions and observations made herein are that of the original author's alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Alberta Sasquatch Organization (ASO).

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