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ASO Report #056 – Wood Knocking Heard Near Carrot Creek

→ Type of Encounter:

Wood Knocking Heard

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→ Location of Encounter: 

South of Carrot Creek, Tower Rd area

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→ Details of the Event:

I will first start off by saying I’m a believe it when i see it type person. I have never really considered bigfoot to be real but i have heard many stories. Last January i was in the same location putting up trail cameras i got for Christmas when i heard a knocking. Like a rock being hit on a tree, with lots of snow and having my kids i didnt investigate and figured it was nothing.
A few weeks ago i was out again checking my trail camera in the same locations and i heard this knocking again. This time i was with my cousin, we were both unsure of what this sound could be or what was causing it. Now, i intend on hunting this area and didnt want to be stirring up the wildlife so we finished with the camera and left. Since then i have been thinking about what could have caused that noise, and i cannot come up with anything. I should have recorded it but i wasnt thinking about it at the time.

This was about four or five knocks. (Like a rock or solid tree branch being hit against another tree) then a small pause (maybe a minute) and four or five knocks again. This happened for at least five minutes, maybe more, all from the same rough location.

When I had it happen in January it was the same thing but in a slightly different area.
Well I can’t explain what I heard. And now that it’s happened twice it makes me curious. I will for surely attempt a recording and send it your way if successful.
I had more then enough time to record but to be honest it never crossed my mind. Wasn’t until I got home and really started thinking about what it could possibly be that I wished I had. I started researching “wood knocking” noises and that’s how I found your organization.


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