September 20, 2019
Sasquatch Symposium - Alberta Culture Days Event

For those who can make it, come see us give a presentation alongside Dr Jeff Meldrum next weekend in Grand ... See more

September 19, 2019

A recent trail cam photo from Alberta. Any idea what we have here? Cougar? What do you think?

September 17, 2019
RR34# Guest Justin Chernipeski from Mountain Beast Mystery talks to Kerry &Daniela

Justin recently did an interview with Bigfoot Odyssey for their Researchers Report series:

September 16, 2019
Why Dan Aykroyd Is 'All In' On Bigfoot

Why is Dan Aykroyd is all in on Sasquatch?

September 6, 2019
Strange happenings by Mt. Rainer......AGAIN

There was recently a guest on Sasquatch Chronicles who has been discussing his encounters almost each weekend at the base of Mount Rainier, WA. Here is his latest update on this ... See more

August 30, 2019
Cliff Barackman

Very neat find!

August 27, 2019
SASQUATCH - The Pivotal Encounter

When should we decide to pursue something or leave it alone? A short story.

August 26, 2019

Not necessarily Sasquatch related but here is a photo of a chimpanzee with severe alopecia (hair loss) revealing his natural density of muscle.

According to the Smithsonian: “A chimpanzee had, ... See more

August 24, 2019
Sasquatch Language: Radical Translation of the Barry-Morehead Tapes | Scott Nelson

Here is a 90-minute presentation by R Scott Nelson on the Sasquatch language:

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