July 14, 2019
Photos from Alberta Sasquatch Organization's post

Thanks to all 13 who came out for our excursion into the back country this weekend.

July 6, 2019
Iconic author Peter Matthiessen revealed as Bigfoot devotee; claimed he spotted sasquatch in Northwest

Peter Matthiessen won the USA’s National Book Award three times and co-founded the influential literary journal Paris Review.

The author of “Shadow Country” and “In the Spirit of Crazy ... See more

July 3, 2019
Sasquatch, Credibility And Common Sense

HowToHunt is back with a new video about southern BC sightings between Mt D’arcy and Mt Currie.


July 2, 2019

This is a brand new GIF stabilized 4K quality footage of the PGF.

June 25, 2019
How Sasquatch travels unnoticed

What do you think? How do Sasquatch travel from one location to another relatively unnoticed?


June 20, 2019
A First Hand Sasquatch Encounter Near Slave Lake Alberta

An interview from our most recent witness encounter right here in Alberta near Slave Lake! This just happened recently!


June 19, 2019
THE VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH - Recon Mission Complete - Mountain Beast Mysteries 100

Justin was able to make the rest of the way out to the valley that we hope to make more use of this summer and beyond. Check out this sneak peak of things to come.

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