Public Camping Trip 2018 – Event Page

Public Camping Trip 2018 – Important Information

We have partnered with Eventbrite to offer tickets for our public camping trip June 8th – 10th, 2018 at the Shunda Viewpoint Provincial Recreation Area. Due to the booking costing us nearly $300 we’ve asked that those interested in attending the event incur a small cost of $20 for the full weekend (per individual, couple, or family group) to help reimburse us for facility costs. This page will further outline the etiquette and details of the event as we iron things out.

A family-friendly camping weekend with the guys from Alberta Sasquatch for some light hiking, campfire stories, and discussing the topic of Sasquatch in the Alberta Rockies via a laidback and informative setting that’s supportive of everyone’s opinions and questions.

(5:00PM) June 8th until (Noon) June 10th [Fri – Sun], 2018

Shunda Viewpoint Provincial Recreation Area

Sometimes it can be a tough go to find folks to have a serious discussion about Sasquatch (Bigfoot) with and we thought it would be a good idea to bring together any interested parties in a casual, fun-centred weekend to hang out and enjoy each other’s company in an area that in itself is a sighting hotspot.

What are some of the rules?

  • Limited presence of alcohol – We don’t want to enact some form of prohibition, we just ask that people who choose to indulge in a beverage or two for personal enjoyment keep it within reason. If we notice anyone getting out of hand you may be asked to move your campsite away from the group facility and we may require you to leave the following morning if things get rather disrespectful.
  • Personal conduct becoming of a public space – As we intend to keep this a family-friendly event, we ask that any patrons that wish to attend be mindful of their language, check any profanity, and wear clothing with mottos, slogans, and whatnot that are of a tasteful manner.
  • Ejection from the event – If you are generally disrespectful, hurtfully critical, or otherwise just not a jolly ol’ person to be around we may ask respectfully that you leave the event and we must insist that you respect this and do so on your own accord. We’d like to shape an event that people would be happy to attend again in the future and we reserve the right to create a safe space for all attendees.
  • No OHVs (off-road vehicles) please, we can’t guarantee there’ll be enough space for staging.
  • No firearms, pyrotechnics (fireworks), or weapons please. This of course excludes axes, utility knives, fire starters, etc.

Where can I get tickets?
Right here – through Eventbrite, our ticket seller.

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Why does the event cost $20 for the weekend?
We footed a $300 bill ($150/night) for the group facility in a private location for this event. We are not selling anything to make money, we just want to reclaim our costs of the booking and get accurate numbers by having people commit. If any funds above and beyond $300 is taken in for the event then we’ll be able to start providing some additional benefits like supplying bottled water, pop, and snacks if possible. Purchasing a ticket guarantees you a spot in the group campsite. The ticket price is applicable to those who also plan on attending on day trips as well, to assist with the cost of the meeting space.

Also note that it’s not $20 per night per person, it’s a one-time all-in price for individuals, couples, or families attending together. If you’d like to chip in more, please feel free to do a check-out of multiple tickets at the point of purchase with Eventbrite.

What’s included with my ticket?
A guaranteed camping spot in the group use area, use of site facilities, and friendly company. Food and camping equipment must be supplied by the attendee. The Alberta Sasquatch Organization will organize some formal round-table discussion in the form of a presentation or two and will also bring along our assorted libraries of Sasquatch reading material and possibly some footprint casts for people to hold and photograph during their visits.

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