Calgary Pub Night Event

Pub Night Details: We will just be having an informal get together for people to ask questions and meet other Sasquatch/Bigfoot enthusiasts in a positive and upbeat environment.

We’ll give it our first shot and host a pub night at Limericks on Macleod Trail in Calgary this following weekend on Saturday, June 8th from 7:00PM – 11:00PM.

If you select “Attending” we will count it towards the reservation I will be placing on Wednesday afternoon.

If you select “Maybe” or “Not Attending” we will not be adding it to the RSVP for the private table.

Please select an option prior to mid week so we can get a fix on numbers. Since this is a pub, it will be an 18+ event.

Other notes:
– If you would like to see a venue change, please comment in the event page. I am open to a better suggestion.
– For those who don’t have transportation, feel free to post about a ride share.
– Please don’t drink and drive. Plan your night accordingly.
– We (Alberta Sasquatch) are not responsible for patrons to this event, please respect others and be responsible for your own property and only bring positive attitudes.
– We reserve the right to ask any attendee to leave should they become belligerent or generally not a good time to be around.

For RSVPs, please visit the following Facebook link: