Evidence Collection

By Dr. Todd Disotell

“Just because a species hasn’t been found doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.   There are many new species discovered each and every year.” So when you are collecting evidence “Don’t blow it”.   Here are a few tips:

Dr. Disotell suggests for all those collecting hair samples or trace evidence:

  1. Take a picture of the area and it’s surrounding.
  2. Document the time, date, location and weather conditions.
  3. Put a mask over your mouth, and gloves over your hands, prior to approaching the area.
  4. Collect the hair with sterilized tweezers.
  5. Place in a DNA Collection Tube or Glassine Envelopes.
  6. Document the side of the tube or envelope with a sample description unique to each sample.
  7. Contact Paleo DNA Laboratories