Sasquatch Screams are often heard in the deep of night.  Alleged Sasquatch screams or howls could be for many different reasons. When they are spread out, similar to wolves pack members will howl to stay in touch with the rest of the group.   On a calm day, screams and howls can be heard from miles away, and it is most likely screams are used as a form of long-distance communications during hunting or traveling, sort of how we use telephones today.



Sasquatch may also use Screams to warn other Sasquatch away with their howls. It could also be noted that perhaps Sasquatch scream to celebrate their awakening from their den or climb out from their underground cave in which they dwell during the day.   Or perhaps Sasquatch uses screams to signify to the clan a successful hunt or perhaps a successful mating ritual to mark their territory.