Seeking Ontario’s Bigfoot

Seeking Ontario’s Bigfoot

by David Andrec

Seeking Ontario’s Bigfoot (S O B TM) was federally incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2018, building off the energy and success of its predecessor, the Lucky Horseshoe Group of the Ontario Wildlife Field Research (OWFR), operating within the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area. We are a non-political, non-religious group, all are welcome.

S O B TM members choose to focus their energies on conducting methodical investigations to collect and document forensic evidence to persuade the scientific community to authenticate Bigfoot as a species. The founders recognize the importance of ensuring that the evidence and insights achieved remain available to others when they leave the field. The S O B TM is its own legal person. As important as the investigative work to achieve species recognition is, we work to provide others in the field a set of organizational best practices and tools, to complement their own methodical investigations.

Members of S O B TM are required to pledge their compliance to a strictly enforced Code of Ethics.

Using witness reports to determine areas of highest probability, we plan field excursions to these locations accordingly to search for signs of habitation or passage.

S O B TM is currently acquiring unique camera systems which will be deployed to discreetly monitor suspected seasonal travel corridors. Some of these corridors have a prior history of reports, while others in the immediate area have shown signs indicative of Bigfoot activity. Numerous S O B TM  visitations to these corridor sites have produced consistent indicators of passage and offer S O B TM  a very good opportunity to capture compelling, if not definitive video/audio evidence, of the creature’s presence in the area. We also check caves and structures for hair or likely DNA.

S O B TM also deploys and monitors numerous trail cameras and audio recorders in and around suspected habitation sites and travel corridors within Southern Ontario, Canada. We currently have a number of investigative sites we work and visit on a regular basis in an effort to continue to document and collect evidence of Bigfoot activity. We are striving to build on relationships with local conservation authorities and property owners adjacent to areas of interest to educate them, to gain further insight and to gain access to the best site locations.

In addition to camera systems S O B TM members also currently utilize FLIR (thermal imaging), zoom H2N and Tascam (audio recorders) and parabolic mics during overnight campaigns.

S O B TM has recently acquired additional GPS and 4K camera equipment which we will be incorporating into our research initiatives and will hopefully afford us the ability to track the movements of Bigfoot potentially in real time. The advancement of high tech, highly portable gear will continue to allow us to push the envelope with respect to our Bigfoot research initiatives within Ontario.

Seeking Ontario Bigfoot
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You can now call (647) 508 – 2400 to report a sighting or to report suspected Sasquatch-related activity.