Having Sasquatch problems? Here are some deterrent ideas.

Some warning signs and tips on how to help deter aggressive behavior on your property.

Written by: JJ

It’s always crazy talk until it happens to you. A mythical creature that isn’t supposed to exist is harassing you and your family. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many people in Canada and the United States have animals that we refer to as “Sasquatch” actively on their property year around, or sometimes seasonally. Sometimes it is benevolent activity, and other times it is aggressive, or progresses to be aggressive. Either way, we have some signs and tips to share that may just help your situation.

Some things witnesses with Sasquatch on their property have reported range from simple benign things, to violent actions that can affect property, livestock, and the safety of the landowner and their family. Some subtle signs that witnesses have reported often range from stick structures, dead animals being laid in the open and presented in a peculiar fashion (usually stomach and face down), missing livestock feed or dog food, window tapping, distant screams or roars, tree knocking, voice mimicking, sounds of voices talking gibberish outside their home, having pebbles or debris thrown at them from an unknown location, having outdoor objects be reorganized or moved, having lost items returned, garbage being rummaged through, odd footprints around the property, jiggling of door handles, and a creepy sense of being watched on the property. Does that sound like a long list? Well it is, and probably will get longer the more we learn about these animals.

Unfortunately, if provoked or sometimes seemingly unprovoked, more aggressive signs may appear. Some of these signs include but are not limited to: Screaming at an individual or at their house in close proximity, large banging noises on the sides and roofs of the home, faces looking into the windows and watching the occupants, damage to property and livestock, attempts to enter the home particularly at night, and potential danger to family members. Children are often one of the first indicators of the presence of Sasquatch as Sasquatch seem to have a keen interest in children.  Sasquatch will approach them outdoors, and at night in their bedroom windows. There are many reports of children describing Sasquatch trying to coax them outside at night time. If this sounds scary, it is, but people have lived through it and so can you.

Firstly, if you have noticed any peculiar activity that is non-aggressive such as listed above, and are not worried about the animals, well, chances are you are not reading this article, but if so, many of the precautions that can be taken are the same for both situations, so I will list them here. If they are on the property and you want them away from the home, do not give them areas to hide. This means adding automatic or full time lighting that brightly lights up the area surrounding the home, and removing any brush, wooded areas, or structures that they can use to stealthily approach the home. If they cannot be stealthy, chances are the activity will at the very least die down somewhat, if not stop completely. If lighting is an issue for your sleeping habits, try blackout curtains, or infrared lighting. Infrared light is invisible to the human eye, however there is some (limited) evidence that Sasquatch can see the infrared spectrum as well as the visible spectrum of light. You may want to tear down any “tree structures” or “stick structures” that are in the immediate area of your home. It is theorized that these structures are territorial markers, so if you tear down their structures and erect your own (even something simple) they may back off from the immediate area around your home as a respectful gesture. These suggestions are obviously not scientifically proven, as neither is Sasquatch yet, but they are worth a try, particularly if you are having aggressive activity around the home.

Now that you have changed the physical landscape to help deter the animals, here are some tips to help keep family and friends safe when they are in the area. First of all, no one should ever go anywhere alone if they can help it, especially at night or near dawn or dusk when Sasquatch seem to be most active and aggressive. We have strength in numbers, and any attack or encounter is less likely to happen when multiple individuals are present. If you are licensed (if not you might want to get licensed), carry a firearm. Often these animals have seen hunters use them on other animals and know that they can kill, so they can be a good deterrent. I would strongly recommend against firing at the animals at all unless a human life is in immediate danger. Only allow children outside when under strict supervision. Do not let them play by themselves outdoors, and keep them away from the wood line. As hard as this is, many children have gone missing with the parent describing a bipedal hairy animal carrying it off into the wilderness. Dogs are often used for security in remote areas, however Sasquatch seem to have a  deep hatred for dogs. They often will kill dogs on the property. Dogs will go missing, or a mangled body will be found. Keep the dogs sheltered, particularly at night, preferably indoors. The last suggestion as hard as it may be, is to leave the home and potentially sell the property if you feel that your lives are in danger.

If you are having aggressive encounters frequently on your property or even seemingly peaceful encounters, some of these strategies may help to form a mutual respect where the animals stay away from the home, and you stay away from them, which may even lead to a peaceful coexistence. Regardless, these are wild animals and potentially very dangerous and should be treated just that way do not trust them to not harm you in any situation. If you are having issues and require assistance, please feel free to contact the Alberta Sasquatch Organization, and we will do what we can to help you.

Stay safe,

– J