Interview with a Sasquatch Researcher


In the field of researching the mysterious, there is a lot of experience and expertise out there and I am beginning to meet and discuss with these people who have taken the road to understanding the unknown.

I was interested to hear that non-native people are doing serious research on sasquatch adding to what my Northwest Territories Dene relatives had related to me on this subject. It is always important to listen and consider what other people are discovering in their search.

In this month’s column I will be speaking to Red Grossinger, a 74-year-old author, researcher and leading sasquatch investigator in the Yukon. He is a retired Canadian Army Officer who served for 30 years at various locations in Canada, Europe and the Middle East, retiring in Whitehorse. In the three Northern territories, he is the only one I know of doing this type of important work, so it is good to speak with him and get another perspective and experiences on the subject of sasquatch.


Q. What got you interested in the field of Sasquatch research?

A. In July 2003, I experienced a very strange occurrence. I was canoeing and fishing on Frenchman Lake, which is located in central Yukon with a lady friend from the Tr’ondeck Hwech’in First Nation. We were enjoying our- selves on a beautiful sunny, hot and scenic day, when we entered into a small reclusive bay and all of a sudden all the usual forest noises ceased, the birds which had been everywhere stopped chirping and flying about, the squirrels stopped moving about, all of the usual forest animals appeared to stand still. It was a dead calm and eerie feeling of being somewhere else entirely, the sun was still way up but there was no wind at all, as if we were in a dead zone. Then, the strangest smell that I ever experienced hit us, an odour that made our eyes blurry. I would describe the smell as a mixture of dog manure and pig excrement mixed with the content of a couple of dirty baby diapers. The smell and dead calm lasted a couple of minutes and then suddenly all returned to normal, birds chirping, other usual forest animals moving about and a bit of wind, just as it had been prior to that awful smell event. Being the inquisitive types, we made our way to shore to search for the cause of that smell, probably a dead animal, we thought.

We looked around and searched for a good 10 minutes but found nothing, no dead animals as we thought, nothing. Upon returning to Whitehorse a few days later still quite puzzled. I asked a few of my friends what could possibly cause such a stink? I got nowhere until one per- son mentioned sasquatch. I did more research and contacted a couple of sasquatch-related organizations on the Internet and they answered my queries by stating that indeed sasquatch had been reported using smell of this magnitude to basically scare away unwanted people and that is basically how I became interested in the study of sasquatch.


Q. What have the Yukon First Nations said?

A. Those Yukon First Nations that have talked to me about the creature are of the opinion that the sasquatch is real. They believe that they have special abilities that we humans do not have. The First Nations elders will not discuss the subject with white folks like me but the younger generation are more open and willing to talk about it.


Q. What was your most unusual case?

A. In the summer of 2010, here in Whitehorse, a gentleman friend of mine was driving downtown on Azure Road to do some shopping when he noticed something walking on the right hand side ditch. He slowed down and observed a sasquatch two metres (seven-to-eight feet) tall walking in a southern direction at a slow, dedicated pace. He slowed down his car and followed the sasquatch for a distance of some 30 metres.

The sasquatch did not even look at him and seemed not to notice the car only two meters beside him and paid no attention to it. The sasquatch acted like a man on a mission, not paying attention to anything else at all. Some five metres before a utility pole the sasquatch started losing its overall shape, becoming gradually transparent to the point, as the witness stated to me on many occasions, that the witness could see right through it, yet its overall form was still outlining his transparent body, as the sasquatch reached the utility pole, he totally disappeared from sight.

I have investigated this sighting on many occasions and talked to the witness about it many times. I walked and measured the sighting location and even looked for a “portal” or something like it and I am still baffled.

Only about 10 per cent of people will have enough guts to report a sighting, mostly for fear of ridicule. I am not a believer … I know it’s here.