Lessons Learned From Elders & Eyewitnesses

A collection of lessons learned from the elders and eyewitnesses:

  1. The Sasquatch are real.
  2. The Sasquatch are considered a supernatural creature, they seem to go between dimensions of time and space.
  3. The Sasquatch have family groups, children, etc.
  4. The Sasquatch are known to steal meat and fish from hunting camps.
  5. The Sasquatch are known to take young people, especially girls.
  6. The Sasquatch are known to communicate by banging stones together, if they surround you, one will bang his rocks in his hands once, the next one will bang his rocks twice, the next one three times and so on.
  7. The Sasquatch have seen seen in the winter time in the NWT walking on the land, not often, maybe they hibernate, must ask that question.
  8. Their spirit is called out in ceremonies for healing, so there must be songs for them.
  9. The Sasquatch make howls and cries, have never heard one but would like to.
  10. The Sasquatch are known to thrown rocks on roofs of cabins.
  11. The Sasquatch are known to have sharp senses of smell, a Montana woman told a friend of mine that a Sasquatch would show up when she had her menstrual cycle, which she said was heavy.  He made his presence known by howls, hitting tree’s with branches to make distinct noise.  The woman lived in a cabin out in the foothills, must investigate this one more closely.
  12. My brother and his friend said it was about 7-8 feet tall and they looked into his eyes, the colour was red and he could move very fast.
  13. It has a strong stink smell which all people talk about.  When it is around in the daytime, all birds go quiet.
  14. It seems to know how to fish and probably can ambush caribou and kill them for food.
  15. In the NWT, they are known to live in caves, I know of one story of this.
  16. Linda Moulton Howe, famous researcher said that witness’s, said that a UFO had showed up and a ray of light came out of craft and Sasquatch came out with it, must ask her about this and connection between them and UFOs.
  17. One Elder said in her childhood days she played with Sasquatch young, 2 of them as their parents watched.
  18. They can be hurt, stories from Lake Minnawanka near Banff tell stories of trappers shooting at creature and hitting it in the 1880s, it made sounds of pain and when seen next, it was limping from wounds.
  19. Elders always tell us not to hurt them as they can help us.
  20. They have been with the First Nations for a long time and have a relationship with us.
  21. I feel they are primate in their being and instincts and if we learn more about primates, we will learn more about them.  Males seem to be territorial, marking out their area with urine.
  22. The Sasquatch seem to use the Rocky Mountains as a North-South travel route in North America.
  23. the West Coast First Nations have a long relationship with Sasquatch which they call the ‘Wild Man’ as this reflected in song and dances they have for this creature.  It even shows up in their totem poles and legends.   This really needs to be explored.
  24. I have no idea what plants they would eat but our Dene People say to watch what the bears eat and that is what they would eat as it would be safe.