Welcome to the public expedition page for 2021. Below you will find the steps to take to sign up for our 2021  public research expeditions of 3-4 days in the backcountry of western Alberta. Depending on the level of interest we will likely pick several different geographic locations that are optimal given the respective time of year. There is no cost to attend however spots will be limited and specific rules of conduct will be issued that those in attendance will be asked to respect. RSVPs will be taken in May for each of these events.

Basic rules for expressing interest in our 2020 public expeditions:

  1. All applicants must be of at least 18 years of age or older to attend;
  2. Understand that each individual is accepting individual responsibility for their personal safety against the elements, wildlife, and personal injury; and
  3. The use of firearms, weapons, pyrotechnics, and alcohol will be strictly prohibited for these events.

What to expect in the field:

  • Most trips will allow for vehicles to be driven directly into a campsite or public use land area however there may be an exception for one or more trips which will be backpacked in and out of;
  • Each day will include a moderate amount of hiking through rugged terrain, some free time and recreational activities, as well as a nighttime investigation portion; and
  • We will be running several day-time workshops in fieldcraft and evidence collection; for example, map & compass navigation, GPS use, emergency back country tips, principles of observation, footprint casting, and the basics of wildlife tracking.

Step 1

Please then sign-up for our general email mailing list. This mailing list will be strictly used to communicate information about public events and will not be used to try to sell you anything or solicit donations. Please review our privacy statement here for more information.


Step 2

A Doodle Poll will be sent out in early 2020 asking for availability and you can complete that by filling in your first name and last initial and clicking on the dates in which you would be available to attend. You can double click an option (yellow checkboxes) to denote a ‘maybe’ date. This isn’t a firm commitment of your attendance, this is a simple poll to see which dates would work best for the majority of prospective attendees.

Currently most prospective dates are set near the end of each month as to avoid statutory holidays on which most people would have other plans.

Step 3

Connect with us on Facebook and visit our private group to stay in the loop. Many announcements are made here first and we’ll keep everyone updated as decisions land with regards to dates, locations, and what the scheduled activities are.

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