ASO Report #001 – Howling near Anselmo


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→ Location of Encounter:

Anselmo, Alberta

→ Date & Time of Encounter:

Late Summer, 2003

→ Details of the Event:

A few years ago in the late summer early fall I believe my husband and two of our nieces went on a hunting trip not far from where we live. We were driving to different areas to look for signs of moose,it was evening time and we decided to go down this one road it there was a bog or muscage area and we were driving very slowly with the window down.and we heard this wierd yell scream howl. We agreed that it would best be described as an old hag screeming combind with a howl. I am very familiar with wildlife sounds and I am a long time bird inthusiast.I know a wide range of owl call and bird song. Never have I heard anything like this. We all agreed to “get the hell out of here” we turned the jeep around as fast as we could and drove out of that area and went home.