ASO Report #007 – Odd smell at Lily Lake


→ Type of Encounter:

Other: Strange Odours

→ Reported by:

Paul D.

→ Location of Encounter:

Lily Lake

→ Date & Time of Encounter:

June or July, 2005 @ 4:00-6:00 PM

→ Details of the Event:

My wife and I had hiked into Lily Lake to try trout fishing, and all of a sudden as we were on the dock of the lake we smelled a rancid smell, unlike anything I have ever smelled. We were both very panicked, and as soon as it was gone we started packing up our stuff to leave. Just as we got on the trail heading west back to our van ( a 3 km hike ) we smelled it again, much closer and this time it lasted longer. We just kept walking quickly and soon the smell left again and never came back. I am 100 percent sure the creature was watching us the whole time. We were cold with goose bumps and it was very frightening. I KNOW for sure what we experienced was not a skunk or a dirty bear – it was something else. I’m not sure if it was there the whole time, or just emits the smell when it feels threatened or angry, but it was very real and a very bad smell, rancid and hot. We never heard anything at all, just smelled it and FELT it. Something WAS there that afternoon.