ASO Report #023 – Lakeside sighting at Kennard Lake


→ Type of Encounter:

Visual Sighting

→ Reported by:


→ Location of Encounter: 

Kennard Lake

→ Date & Time of Encounter:


→ Details of the Event:

Me and a friend were boating North of lac la biche at a lake called kennard lake when we pulled closer to the shore. I then saw what looked like a bear. I kept watching and then noticed it wasn’t a black bear cause it was too brown and that it was something squatting down rummaging through the grass. Then all at once it was spooked or something and stood up and poked out his chest to look intimidating or something. Then it turned around and took 3 big steps and was in the forest gone. I haven’t told anyone about this. You can email me at <redacted>