ASO Report #025 – Campers experience rock throwing at Brown Creek Campground


→ Type of Encounter:

Other: Footsteps heard, grunting heard, rocks thrown

→ Reported by:

Ryan M.

→ Location of Encounter: 

Brown Creek Campground

→ Date & Time of Encounter:

2012-07-15 @ 12:30 AM

→ Details of the Event:

Myself and two others, my friend and my brother, were camping at Brown Creek Campground on the night of July 15. My friend had retired to bed at 11:30 in the campsite beside ours and his tent could easily be seen from our campsite. At approximately 12:30 AM we had a rock thrown into camp and bounce off of the top of a metal camp table that was underneath the tarp.  There was a 50mm rainfall warning in effect and this happened during what seemed some of the heaviest rainfall we had experienced so far.  We also heard what we believed was a shuffling sound with a small grunt or huff down the creek from us but it was hard to hear anything underneath the tarp with the rain coming down so hard.