ASO Report #026 – Possible sighting and tree knocks at Chickakoo Lake Rec. Area


→ Type of Encounter:

Other: Possible tree knocking, possible Visual Sighting

→ Reported by:


→ Location of Encounter: 

Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area

→ Date & Time of Encounter:


→ Details of the Event:

on july 8 2012 while walking with my dog through chickakoo recreation area near stoney plain i noticed a opening in the forested area beside the walk path south of dog leg pond in the chickakoo trail system. what caught my attention to this was two trees in a bent position inline with each other approximately 15- 20 feet apart.i believe these were poplar type trees that if stood straight up would be approximately 25 feet tall.the trees were bent over in the same way at about the same height of about 10-12feet.where the bend was there were no break marks in the wood maybe suggesting wind or rain damage.i took a picture with my cell phone camera thinking maybe this was caused by …sasquatch.the branches of the trees were bent or pulled to a height of about 4-6 feet from the ground.while focusing in  and readying my cell phone camera my dogs attention was drawn to this area as well with her ears perked up,her focus to this area.she then lay down at my feet while still focused in on this area.i took a picture of this tree bend and then a crazy thought ,pickup two rocks and start knocking them together.i found two small rocks maybe each one inch in diameter and took a look around so that if anyone else were near by they might think i was crazy by knocking rocks one else was in sight on the walk path so i began knocking maybe five or six knocks with these rocks.within about ten seconds i got a response!four distinct knocks back.these were four knocks within maybe 5 seconds that sounded like someone knocking there knuckles on a wood table.i froze and said to myself noway!i tried knocking the two rocks again 5-6 times,waited maybe20-30 seconds but no response came i and my dog proceeded on the walkway path for maybe 50 feet the whole time she was focused in on the wooded area to my right.we came to a bench along the walkway and sat down for a few minutes.i looked at the cell phone picture of the two bent trees,gave my dog some water and then proceeded along the walkway to a slight uphill point.i thought maybe trying the knocking of the two rocks again but had no response.we proceeded back down the hill and about halfways down i tried the rock knocking again.this time a big response came back,first the four knocks like knuckles on a wood table.i knocked back with the two rocks and immediately got a response back with four knocks,then maybe a two second pause followed by two heart was in my throwt.i tried knocking the rocks again but no response came back.we left this area i feeling a little uneasy got back to the parking lot and drove home.when i got back home i wanted to first download the cell phone picture to computer then look for and listen to reported sasquatch tree knocks and woodpecker tree knocks.the woodpecker sounds on any surface knocking to me sounds like machine gun fire.what i heard at chickakoo was not this.the response knocks were slower=4 knocks in 5 seconds.i didnt think woodpeckers could interact with other knocking sounds.i mentioned i loaded the cell phone picture to computer.once the picture was reviewed,i believe i may have non intentionally photographed an sasquatch peeking out from behind a well another tree in the picture has a section of bark peeled away at a height of about 6-7 feet with no claw marks visible.this picture was shown to two other people,one claims that the figure in the picture looked like a gorilla,another claims to see a gray spot were a nose would be on the face of a human,two dark eyes and a cone shape head.


i returned to the area at chickakoo two days later on july 10 with my dog and my daughter who has a photography businees.once at the spot of the two bent trees my dog was anxious to run into the woods but i kept her at a leashed sounding crazy to my daughter i picked up two rocks and started knocking with no response back.the two bent trees were now touching the ground.i dont think there were any wind storms or heavy rain in the area in the two days since first well the area where a sasquatch may have been was photgraphed again with my digital camera and there does not appear to be a figure in this area in the second daughter would not photograph the area because she thought i was crazy knocking rocks.maybe if there were another response she may have?the two pictures,one cell phone and one digital camera are available for your review upon request.