ASO Report #027 – Activity at the home of the Kawacatoose First Nation (Sask.)


→ Type of Encounter:

Discovered Footprints, Hair, or Scat

→ Reported by:

Chadwick F.

→ Location of Encounter: 

Kawacatoose First Nation (Sask.)

→ Date & Time of Encounter:


→ Details of the Event:

In the month of July-August, my grandparents, whom live on the Kawacatoose First Nation have been host to a re-occurrence of sightings by my younger cousin and physical evidence collected by my uncle. There have been footprints, and beds discovered in their surrounding area. As well, my uncle has heard vocalizations and trees being smashed together. My cousins 3yr old daughter has told of a story of playing “high up” in the trees with a “hairy man with a ugly face” that smelled awful. Her encounter can be told by my Aunt and my younger cousin Kyle. Kawacatoose is located North East of the town of Raymore, Saskatchewan. according to my Grandfather, these have been around the area for sometime.