ASO Report #032 – Vocalizations heard in Bushie River (High Level)


→ Type of Encounter:


→ Reported by:


→ Location of Encounter: 

Bushie River / High Level

→ Date & Time of Encounter:

2017-07-09 @ 2:00 AM

→ Details of the Event:

Well,we were having a few out back on the deck,at my girlfriends sisters boyfriend house.Theres my girlfriend,her sister and the boyfriend,they were talking about the encounter they had just 2 days before,we were listening to a recording of something weezing like can b heard it was like it was just behind his shed in the bushes,it was just the two of them and there next door nieghbors who heard and recorded the noise,and it was walking in the water that time too.It was around 2am and as were there just talking a laughing about all the sudden we heard a loud splashing in the creek just about 30meters from his house.It was a countinued splashing like something was walking in the water with two legs as it walked it was breathing hard to it was a loud kinda weezing sounding but little different.We were all quiet at that time just stopped n only heard loud weezing breathing,I was just shocked to actually have heard that they spoke about just 2 days earlier..It stopped about 3-4 minutes when he quietly when into the house to grab he’s shotgun,he went back outside and slowly walked towards the creek behind he’s shack,my girlfriend said go with him,so I slowly walked after him.We listened but nothing made noise not even the nieghbors dogs,which earlier were freaking out too.It was kinda dark out with little visibility so spotting anything wasn’t good since there’s a bush right where the sounds coming from theres lil gaps u can c the creek but we can’t see anything.we stayed quiet for a bit longer but didn’t hear anything else but couple of twig break goin further out.They had a recording of its breathing from days earlier and was the same breathing as we heard that night.It was a scary experience for me and my girlfriend since we where just talking about it and it happened again this time with us being there..that’s all I can remember I’m not saying it’s a Bigfoot but that’s nothing like a heard in my life before and the creek should be like 6 feet deep and it was just walking in there like it was nothing.Tell me what u think and lookin forward for your thoughts on it. I think I covered everything, they have a recording of it breathing from the first encounter, we didn’t check for foot prints yet since it just happened last night but we’ll check around later