ASO Report #034 – Strange noises heard near Canyon Creek Ice Cave


→ Type of Encounter:


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→ Location of Encounter: 

Canyon Creek Ice Cave (Near Bragg Creek)

→ Date & Time of Encounter:

2016-11-20 @ Middle of the afternoon

→ Details of the Event:

Myself and 2 friends were hiking along the unnamed road that leads to the Canyon Creek Ice Cave. A few kilometers in past the gas plant the road curves left, and there’s a trail that goes up into the forest from here. We walked up it a couple hundred meters, and while I was taking video of my one friend we had a large rock thrown at us from the other side of the washed out creek bed. There was no way this was just a loose rock falling, it was large and came straight over the creek landing a few meters from my other friend. We heard some weird whistling sounds, and then a sound that sounded like someone screaming. Myself and one of my friends also saw a dark mass up the hill in the forest moving swiftly between trees. It was impossible for us to get up there because of the steep hill and icy conditions. We left after being there for about 15 minutes. It’s also worth noting that there were no other vehicles in the parking lot that day, we were completely alone out there.

I have been back to this area a couple times and each time I’ve heard weird sounds and cries in the forest.