ASO Report #038 – Close-up Encounter near Coleman


→ Type of Encounter:

Visual Sighting

→ Reported by:


→ Location of Encounter: 

19KM north of Coleman

→ Date & Time of Encounter:

2006-10-?? @ Early evening

→ Details of the Event:

I was hunting 19km north of Coleman Alberta it was late afternoon early evening. I moved up the mountain following a game trail through heavy brush tracking some elk in the area when i came upon what I thought was a very large black bear in the brush about 30 feet ahead of me. It stood up on two legs and turned to look at me when i realized it was not a bear but a large heavy set animal with a black face and no snout, ape like in appearence. it looked surprised but not scared of me it backed away from me and disappeared up the slope rapidly and re-appeared shortly about a hundred and fifty feet up the slope , looked down at me and called at me with a wierd screech that made my hair stand up it then quickly disappeared up the slope. I tried to go up a little farther but the slope was very steep and I couldn’t figure out how it was able to move up the hill so quickly . shortly afterwards a bunch of bighorn sheep came stampeding down the slope from where the thing had gone, they looked terrified but ran right past me in their haste. I decided to join them and made my way back looking over my shoulder the whole way. I could have shot it by I honestly didn’t know what it was, I did not retrun to the area last fall because i am no longer comfortable hunting in that area, I ahven’t told any one but I found one of your posters in Kananaskis and i thought that I should at least tell you guys about it. I am a Engineer In Calgary so I do not want my customers to think that I am a kook but I know what I saw and it wasn’t a bear or some one in a suit. it was a real animal and i think it was a sasquatch.