ASO Report #040 – Roadside crossing in the East Kootenays


→ Type of Encounter:

Visual Sighting

→ Reported by:

Frank M.

→ Location of Encounter: 

East Kootenays (BC), near AB border

→ Date & Time of Encounter:

1982-06-20 @ 10:15PM

→ Details of the Event:

So I figured, there’s nobody really that you can tell your occurance to, I don’t tell any people in general because of course they don’t beleive you or they ask you how much did you have to drink or whatever!! My friend that was with me that night did leave a report with the late Dr. Grover Krantz from Washington state a couple of days after our sighting, and that was pretty well the end of it.

But to this day, I will never forget what we witnessed that night. I write it off as my odds in life..some people luck out with odds and win the odds in life..I witness a Sasquatch, what am I gonna do with that,eh?? Beleive, me you had to have been there, thank God I had a good friend with me that as to prove that I was’nt seeing things!! After our encounter, we just looked at each other in utter disbeleif and asked ourselves, “did you just see what seen there”, a combination of shock and surealism! Like I say, it was 25 years ago, but the memory is as fresh as if it happened yesterday. I grew up in Fernie, BC and always spent lots of time driving around in the mountains and wild areas surrounding us here in the East Kootenays of B.C. We would just go for drives for something to do, 4x4ing, whatever, just quiet drives, cold beer, and checking things out. It’s great getting out into the outdoors, theres an abundance of old logging roads etc.. Anyway, this particular night, we had finished playing ball, and instead of going to the bar, we grabbed a few cold ones and went for a cruise in the hills, so to speak. Well, little did we know that this was not going to be just an ordianary cruise!! It was approximately 10:15 p.m., June 20 1982, daylight was slowly fading away but you did’nt need your headlights on yet. We were driving on a popular road, good shape, driving slow, enjoying our beer and bullshitting about the game when we came to a corner. This road was just above the Elk River to my left and to the right of us, the land rose upwards eventualy to about 7000′ elevation , basically a mountain ridge, Morrissey Ridge it’s called. Now picture this..we’re in my Chevy 4×4 with high profile tires, and very quiet..driving slow you could barely hear us..anyway just as we came to the corner, 15′ in front of us this thing had just landed on the road..coming down the hill there was a had just leapt over the ditch and landed on the road as we got was unreal!! This thing looked at us..we spooked it..and started to run down the road..the road straightened out after the corner for about600′ or so and then another corner. We were in such shock in what we had just seen!! We watched it run down the road..I was driving slowly could see the longish hair slightly moving or waving as it ran from us. Finally when it got to the next corner, this is the part that still haunts me to this day and as I type this and relive it, I am getting goosebumps and feeling quite the feeling allover stopped for maybe 1or2 seconds, looked back one more time and took off down towards the river. What still haunts me you ask? The face, I’ll never forget the actual could see it distincly, unbeleivable!! And that’s when we uttered the words, “did you just see what we saw?

You know, it all makes sense after we thought about it. It was on its way down to the river for a drink or whatever, and the ditch thing, well you or me, if we were coming down the hill, we would do the same thing, sort of leap over it, and thats exactly what this did. We could even tell that it was fairly young like a teen if you compare it to humans. It stood basically as high as the rooflevel of my truck. It was clear it was running on 2 legs, arms swinging on the sides just, almost like you or me would. Being that close, there was no mistaking!! Again, it freaked the hell right out of us..we did’nt know what to say or was just utter disbeleif..but it happenned. And I’ll never forget the shock, very overwhelming.