ASO Report #053 – 1986 Visual Sighting Near Nakiska Ski Resort


→ Type of Encounter:

Visual Sighting

→ Reported by:


→ Location of Encounter: 

In Kananaskis, roughly two miles north of Ribbon Creek on the Kananaskis river

→ Date & Time of Encounter:


→ Details of the Event:

Was cross country skiing, wrong wax (was ok in the morning but warmed up)… was trudging back to the parking lot at Ribbon Creek (going South). I stopped in clearing to rest a bit and check out the river… I like fishing and thought this might be a good spot. Just about to go… decided just to take in the scenery… looking west. From the third tree up the hill on the other side of the clearing I saw a big guy in a dark parka who must have been snowshoeing step out from behind the tree. I watched as he came down around the trees to the first row of trees beside the clearing. I watched as he crouched, reached out and shook the first tree (spruce tree about 30 or so feet tall). After he shook the tree he stepped back as all the snow fell off it (I was thinking god he’s got big arms, must be a lineman). After the snow had fallen, he walked around the tree and into the clearing… I waved. He was about 85-90 yards away and started walking towards me. As he walked towards me I began to realize that it isn’t a big guy in a dark parka snowshoeing, and I think I went into shock… he walked up to about 18-20 yards away and stopped. We just stood there looking at each other for about five minutes… when the shock wore off… at that point I was thinking he’s really big and if he wants to get me… he can. So, I waved and started south back towards Ribbon Creek, went a little ways and turned back and he was gone. I think he was curious, not threatening at all… just came out to have a look at me I guess. Never did tell anyone, just thought you could add me to the list of … oh I know they are out there. Oh I just noticed the text below… it was a beautiful spring day (cool in the morning but warmed up during the day).

This was in the 80’s and at that time I didn’t know sasquatch were here, i just pictured them in the Pacific Northwest. Was quite the eye opener.