ASO Report #058 – Camper Has Brief Visual Sighting & Night Time Activity


→ Type of Encounter:

Visual Sighting, Wood Knocking Heard

→ Reported by:

Trevin C.

→ Location of Encounter: 

South of Nordegg, 300-400 ft. south of the NSR [52’23’37”N 116’04’23”W]

→ Date & Time of Encounter:

2019-04-02 @ 5:00PM

→ Details of the Event:

We went for a walk for fire wood in the bush and on the hike we found some strange tree structures, on the way back I saw something black and on 2 legs running away from our camp in the trees I thought I was just seeing things. Once back at camp I picked up 2 rocks and started banging them together, after a few hits my wife and I both herd a noise like somebody trying to talk she thinks it was a person I don’t. There was nobody else out there and in the direction it came from were no trails or roads. The kids were being too loud for us to hear it clearly and when I yelled at them to be quiet the noise stopped and didn’t come back unfortunately. Later that night my wife and I both heard a horse neigh right beside our heads outside of the tent, both times I looked out the window and saw nothing, the second time I went out side and saw nothing we didn’t hear a horse walk or run away either and I was out of bed quickly to look, it was very strange. Also at this time the moon had everything lit up like crazy. My wife told me in the morning that in her “dream” she saw a Sasquatch looking at us through the window in our tent and she’s not a believer. The vocalizing was 2 times first one caught us off guard and got our attention then when the second one came only 30 seconds after the first one it sounded like something trying to speak but not able to say words and coincidently happened exactly when the kids decided to have an argument. When I heard the neighing it was literally right beside my head and it scared the crap out of me because I never heard any sound of an animal approaching the tent I jumped out of bed instantly and looked out but nothing was there. I laied down and a short time later happened in the exact same spot but louder, I jumped up and went outside of the tent but again no noises of an animal running away and no animal outside our tent and no tracks of any kind. The horse noises came from a space between the tent and car that was only about 10’ wide.

Weather was overcast it rained off and on during the night and it was about -5 at night. When the horse noises happened the moon had everything lit up really bright when I went out of the tent I didn’t even need a lantern I could see everything clearly. I looked up and the sky was crystal clear and the stars were amazingly bright.