ASO Report #060 – Witness Has Terrifying Encounter Near Slave Lake


→ Type of Encounter:

Visual Sighting

→ Reported by:


→ Location of Encounter: 

Mitsue, AB

→ Date & Time of Encounter:

2019-06 @ 9:30 PM

→ Details of the Event:

ASO Interview NotesWitness was driving down a logging road bear hunting with his wife and children at approximately 9:30pm when they spotted what appeared to be the rear end of a bear entering the left hand side of a cutline for a power line they were driving by. The witness exited the vehicle and walked down the cutline approximately 50 yards to where the animal had entered the bushline. When he arrived, on the right hand side of the cutline (opposite to where the animal was spotted entering the bush) poplar trees of 6-8″ diameter began to shake violently. The witness described it as an “explosion” of movement in the bush next to him. Immediately he saw two very large hands start to part the trees and bushes with fingers approximately just smaller than a redbull can in diameter, and approximately the length of his entire hand. The witness was face to face with an animal they can only describe as a sasquatch, despite being uphill from where it was standing. The witness could see the forehead and nose well, however the mouth was obscured by bush. The witness described the head to be the width of a basketball, with golf ball sized eyes, a large pronounced brow ridge, a large forehead with little hair, a flattened nose with nostrils the size of two thumbs side by side, and matted hair. The witness described the eyes as having been dark brown in colour with no whites, however in the area where the whites of the eyes would be had a purpleish tinge of colour. The witness also mentioned seeing eyelashes on the eyelids of the creature. The witness raised his rifle to the creature and it immediately retreated into the forest 20-40 yards away from the witness. The witnesses wife was flashing the lights of the truck having seen the creature (although not well) from the side view where the truck was parked, signalling the witness to come back. The wife described the animal to be hunched over significantly, approximately an estimated 3ft from its true height. Although she could not see it in detail, she said she could see its shape in the bush, and could see it moving throughout the encounter. He began to make his way back however, every second step he took trees would shake just 15 yards into the tree line.


The tree shaking followed him all the way back to the truck where he got in. They immediately heard a deep “woo” sound several times. They heard a bang on the truck roof, and sped a short distance away where they pulled over to see what had hit the truck. They found a large dinner plate sized clump of mud with grass in it (as if it had been torn from the ground) that had been lobbed at the truck, and had landed on the roof. They left the area for that night. The witness returned to the site of the encounter, and found what he described to be a possible hand print in the mud on the cutline, and some suspicious impressions, although they did not show any distinct detail, only a large elongated, but wide set of impressions. He also found trees which had been stripped of branches to about 7ft high, and the bark was peeled down towards the ground. The sap was described as fresh coming from the damaged area. The area was generally disturbed with broken branches, and some upturned ground.


The witness is an experienced hunter and outdoorsman, and said he had never believed in Sasquatch until this encounter. He hopes to see another Sasquatch in more detail in the future.


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