ASO Report #062 – Visual Sighting Near Fox Creek


→ Type of Encounter:

Visual Sighting

→ Reported by:


→ Location of Encounter: 

Between Valleyview, AB and Fox Creek, AB

→ Date & Time of Encounter:

Winter 1992

→ Details of the Event:

It was the winter of 1992, I was 19 at the time & had been working the last year & a half doing seismic work all through Alberta, British Columbia & Southern Saskatchewan. We had just got back to work from Christmas holidays & we’re working between Valleyview & Fox Creek. We were driving into the staging area one morning (was snowing like crazy, snowflakes the size of loonies) & I was driving the truck at the end of the caravan. It had been snowing so hard all night that the snow had piled up on the spruce trees looking like walls along the tree lines.. Being an avid hunter my whole life, my eyes are always “watching” when I’m on the road & especially when driving in the bush. So we were driving down a cutline to the staging area & I had come out of the bush into a clearing & from the corner of my right eye I seen a huge black object about 600 yards moving on the edge of the tree line & then drop out of sight.. I instantly pushed my clutch & pointing to the trees I tell the 3 other guys in my truck “watch”!!! About 15 seconds later a huge black “Sasquatch” stood up from below the snow line & walks about 5-6 steps & drops down again!! The 3 guys with me suddenly all yell “what the f**k??” & I throw my shift to 1st gear cranking the wheels to the right & hammered it! I was plotting through the deep snow & got about halfway when it stands back up quickly looking right at us & launches itself into the thick spruce trees! You could clearly see it’s silhouette left behind as it knocked the snow from the trees.. Just then my radio goes off & it’s my operator flipping out asking me what the hell I was doing out there with a new company truck?? When we got back to him he asked me again & so I told him what I had seen! He asked the 3 other guys & they all said “K**** seen something huge & black & drove after it, we’re not sure what it was, looked huge like a moose?? The rest of the day I didn’t talk wth the rest of my crew unless it was directly work related. That night in the hotel, the 3 of them come to my room & wanted to talk about it… I told them to go away because the time to talk about it had passed when they almost got me fired for “chasing & moose”…. They all got super apologetic & said to me… “you grow up your whole life thinking it’s a story & myth & then it’s right fucking there in front of you” Nobody’s going to believe you?! I replied that people will believe it a lot more if 4 guys say “this is what WE seen” Not 1 saying “this is what we seen” & 3 others lying to themselves!!