ASO Report #036 – Campers have night time visitors


→ Type of Encounter:

Other: Night time visitation, urination on tent, fingerprints left

→ Reported by:


→ Location of Encounter: 

Ram River Falls Provincial Park

→ Date & Time of Encounter:

2017-07-16, 17, 18, 19, 20

→ Details of the Event:

In July 2017 a being, believed to be a sasquatch, visited a campsite in Alberta, urinated on a tent, and later probably left finger prints on a tinted car side window. It appears the subject saw himself in the window and touched it out of curiosity as animals tend to do when they see themselves in a mirror. Dermal ridges were possibly seen in a couple of the fingerprints but do not show in the photograph provided here.

That the assumed sasquatch was very tall, big and a male is indicated by the urine volume and distribution (on all sides of the tent). The urine stain is just visibly apparent with a casual look. A section of the tent was cut out and a portion scanned; then color adjusted to arrive at the image detail seen here.

The events at the campsite were highly disturbing. The speculation is that the subject was marking its territory (scent marking)— effectively saying “you’re on my turf” sort of thing. It is doubtful that DNA can be extracted from urine and the cost is very high, so an analysis will not be undertaken.

This report and photographs were provided the lady who owned the camping equipment and car. She was camped with family/friend and her full detailed report is provided on the following page.

There is a report of what was believed to be a sasquatch urinating on sleeping campers. Also a report of urine found along a long line of footprints, believed to be those of a sasquatch. In other words, it urinated (scent marked) as it walked.

Wikipedia provides the following: “Scent marking, also known as territorial marking or spraying when this involves urination, is a behaviour used by animals to identify their territory. Most commonly, this is accomplished by depositing strong-smelling substances contained in the urine, faeces, or, from specialised scent glands located on various areas of the body. Often, the scent contains pheromones or carrier proteins such as the major urinary proteins to stabilize the odours and maintain them for longer.”

It can be reasoned that sasquatch urine might contain pheromones not found in human urine or that of other animals. As a result, perhaps a chemical analysis of possible sasquatch urine (a liquid sample) might provide some insights.

Given sasquatch do use a urine scent marker, then this would indicate that they are probably much closer to the “non-human” side of the argument on its nature.

On July 16-20, my son, his girlfriend and I went camping at the Ram River Falls provincial campground in Alberta—about an hour south of Nordegg. We heard something playing with things on the picnic table for 3 of the 4 nights we were there. I put my game cam on the picnic table, but nothing happened that night.

The most eventful night was Monday and Tuesday (second night); something swiped the side of the tent, then sounded like it was going through our garbage bag (plastic wrappings and stuff we couldn’t burn). It sounded like it was making a great mess, then one of the tin plates that was on the table crashed to the ground; there was other noise as well. Anyway, then I distinctly heard 4 bipedal footsteps coming toward the tent and then a grunt! I panicked and reached over trying to wake up my son by shaking his face; he did not wake-up. The noise stopped for a while, but whatever had been there came back twice that night. Morning came and I told the kids what had happened the night before. Nothing was disturbed; the garbage was where it should have been, the plate was on the ground, but that was all. We decided to get out of there for a while and drove into Rocky Mountain House for lunch and some supplies. We were gone for about a few hours when we came back the first thing we noticed was that something was spilled or sprayed all over the tent! The tent is brand new; we just took it out of its wrappings the day we got there, and were sure would have seen all this stuff. The campground is basically deserted, I think when we arrived, we saw two other campers in the whole place. It has 54 sites, divided into 5 loops and 2 of them were closed.

Over the next few nights, we had the tent swiped again and heard something playing around with things on the picnic table. One night I heard something poking around my car; I have no idea what was happening—all I know is that it was coming from around my car. I thought something could have been eating bugs from the grill. I took a good look around the next morning and found dusty finger prints on one car window; very small like the tip of my little finger. I noticed what were probably dermal ridges in a couple of the prints. After I returned home, I got a black light and took a look at the tent; the stains fluoresced indicating urine.

I cut off one of the window flaps that had a lot of staining and provided a part of it to Chris Murphy. There is no doubt in my mind that what I heard that Monday night was a sasquatch—4 bipedal footsteps and a grunt!

COMMENTS: As to a possible question as to why the lady did not go out and investigate what was happening, incidents of this nature are very unnerving. One just waits and hopes that whatever is there goes away (especially if it might be a bear).

I inspected the sample sent to me. I did not discern a distinct urine odor, but considerable time had elapsed—all I could sense was the smell of the fabric. The stain is faint, but can definitely be seen. I scanned the sample and color adjusted the image in PhotoShop; a distinctive yellow or gold emerged.

I questioned extracting DNA with professionals and while such is possible it is difficult and would likely be very expensive with no guarantees.