Alberta Outdoorsmen Forum Collection: Assortment of Alberta Hunter Encounters

“Another encounter was last year [2008] hunting in WMU 308 along 22x been hunting there in the same spot for many years, and a rancher down there swears that he know where they live. Anyhow are camp is approx 4 miles south of this rancher, here’s what happened. We took are camp in and left the wall tent laying unfolded on the ground and went up the cutline approx 400 yrds to collect a truck load of wood for the stove and when we came back there was these huge foot prints all over the tent (muddy footprints) it’s like this thing was watching us. During that night we layed in are cots staring and trying to figure out what kind of tracks these where, then about 11:00 pm this huge ugly screaming noise lets out. I tell you, it sure makes me think fellows, them tracks are still on that tent ceiling, and I should take a picture of them before they fade away.”

“I was hunting alone as usual in the Ghost. It was a Thursday and had snowed the night before. I was on the west side of the valley on a cutline. For those who know the area, it’s the first line you can go up from the valley floor and leads to a horse camp. It is also the access route for the ice climbers, as there is a pretty big falls to scale up on the rock. As I putzed around just below the treeline, I came across a set of tracks in the new snow that I could not, and to this day CANNOT explain. Essentially, each track was the length of both my boots toe to heel. The spacing equaled 1.5-1.75 of my paces. There were highly distinct inner arches in the tracks indicating a left and then right foot placement. There was NO indication of claw marks beyond the tips of the 5 toes. With the safety off, and heart pounding, I followed this trail for about 225 yards before it petered off on the rocks above the trees that the sun was now pounding on. I lost the trail, and was kindda happy and sad at the same time. This was an accessable yet remotish area. There were no tire tracks in the snow, and zero indication of recent human activity. The trail led over a varied terrain of rocks, logs, busting bush and crossing deadfalls. Not once did the trail break the left/right pattern, or stride lenth characteristics. Essentially, it looked like a giant human had passed through. I’m not stupid, I’m not crazy. This is the clearist description I can convey of what I saw. Please take it for what it is. I may only be 35, but I’ve been in the woods since I’ve been 3.  I was pretty freaked out by the time I got back to the truck. And it got worse on the drive home. Still haunts me a bit from time to time. I suppose there is just something about cutting a fresh track while hunting that draws out the predator in you. These were not bear tracks… I’ve seen 10’s of thousands of bear tracks.”

“My wife and I spent the weekend camping out by Nordegg, the area we were in had one other couple camping and that was it. We did manage to be-friend the other couple and enjoyed there company and some good food. On sunday morning around 300am just after we had called it a night we were startled by a loud scream that sounded like a women screaming. The neighbours quickly came to our spot and asked us what that was, I had no idea. The noise seemed to be coming from the north of us and not very far.  We being the ”brave” guys we arent walked toward the sound that seemed to be getting closer. It went off again and it sounded like a women being beaten or in pain. We both called out to the ”person” and it went quiet but we could hear heavy movement in that direction. The thought of it being a cougar crossed my mind, but not being able to see the thing made that hard to tell. Out of nowhere we then could hear the same scream type coming from the east of us. The original critter then made a beeline right toward us and it was moving in a hurry, we couldnt see it but you sure could hear it. What ever it was it had just made it obvious it didnt want us any closer. We moved back to our camp and got the fire back up and nervously listened. The wife was in no mood to remain in the spot nor was the other fella’s. To make matters worse we had what ever it was follow us right back to the camp. Never did see it, it sounded big though and we and the other couple headed out to a more well used camp ground. Gotta say it was a little freaky.

The question I have is what would scream like that and show signs of aggression??? ”

“I too have a story, second hand, but still… Three neighbours were out cougar hunting about 12 years back on the North Fork Road west of Rocky. They were tenting for the night near the headwaters of a stream and after dark came they started hearing some “Deep screams” from across the pond, logs being pushed over and splashes in the pond. Being that they were cougar hunting, they did have a couple dogs with them, and after the sounds got louder and closer the dogs were let go. The following rucus lasted within earshot for about 15 minutes before the dogs and the “intruder” went over the hillside. The next two days was spent looking for the dogs and for sign of what had been there the night before. Nothing could be found  of sure sign or of the dogs. A week and a half later while travelling on the trunk road one of the guys came across one of the two dogs with it’s feet worn raw and nearly starved to death. The other dog was never found and no-one to this day will actually say what they think the sounds were from, but we all know what they were thinking, even if they won’t say it out loud. A couple of born and bred bushmen that are too proud to say it out loud. Sasquatch!!! ”

“I haven’t got any concrete evidence of anything, but I am convinced I saw one a couple years back. I was working as a mechanic for a natural gas compression plant up in the Marten Hills North East of Slave Lake. I had headed into Slave Lake to get away from camp for a while, and to eat a decent meal at BPs with a co-worker. On our way back to site on the Marten Hills Road (operated by BP Canada), we were having fun spotting animals on the road as we drove in. We were counting the number of deer, bears, moose etc we’d come across when the both of us spotted deep red eyes glowing just inside the bush line about 10 or 12 feet off the ground. We slammed on the brakes (only travelling about 50 km/h due to the number of deer on the road), and quickly backed up / turned on the flood lights on the service rig. In the second or so that it took to back up and illuminate the area, whatever it was had taken off. After waiting a few minutes (You get out, no you get out, no you get out!) we both walked to the edge of the road and spotted some large foot prints right where we had seen the eyes glowing. I am not a terribly experienced hunter, but the foot print definitely didn’t look like anything I’d seen before. It looked a bit like foot prints someone would leave if walking on their toes, 6 distinct toe marks, and a pad the width of them immediately behind. I suppose it could have been a very large bear’s print, but I did not see any marks from claws, and I’ve never seen an animal who’s eyes glowed red like that.”

Here is what i saw…..and again i am not saying it was bigfoot or whatever… just un-explainable…

i was hiking in to wall lake early one morning, by myself (of course it never happens when others are there to corroborate does it..haha) anyways i was hiking in to do some fishing. right before you get to the lake, for those that have never been there, you cross an open meadow that sits at the base of an avalanche path. on the far right side of the meadow is a creek running out of the lake as well as the horse trail to the lake. on the left side is the avalanche chute and the rest of the mountain etc. needless to say this is prime bear country..and an open avy chute full of berry bushes is bear safeway…i always approach this meadow with extra caution and take my time before bursting onto he scene.

well this day i thought i had spied a bear…it looked to be a cinnamon colored bear that was over at the creek drinking. the creek was about 250 yards away. i waited and watched some more and then realized that the bear wasn’t moving like a bear does….and that..whatever it was….was indeed drinking from the creek…but was crouched down drinking like i would from a creek…filling my hands with water bringing it to my mouth.

i laughed to myself because i thought that this long haired dirty hippy dude was a bear haha…so i stepped out of the trees and hollered a hello and started to walk over to him to make my acquaintances etc….well this….”person” stood bolt upright like i had seared him with a hot poker. he…i know it was a he for sure…was buck naked..however he was hairy…not bear hairy…more like Neanderthals at the museum hairy. enough hair to cover himself but not enough to make him look “furry”. he stood over 6 feet tall…but he was not incredibly huge and it stopped me in my tracks.

i waved again after about 3 seconds of not knowing what to do..and this….whatever…..turned around and ran into the forest…fast….i was shocked..a bit weirded out..kinda intrigued and more than a little scared….but i still went over to the creek…there were footprints…bigger than mine….but i only wear a size 9.5….but they were a bigger print than mine..but again not huge…what was amazing was how he moved through the bush…..his speed was incredible…and he was quiet and gone before i could get over there. and his movement was not “manish” he was far more animal like in how he moved and acted/reacted…but again….some dude living off the land for years may develop into that…

so there..that is my story…now i know it is full of…”well it could have just been”….and i am the first to admit it. but…i have been going to that lake all my life..and still go to it..and i have never heard about a hippy living native back in the woods…not saying there isn’t one..but i have never heard of it. again i am not saying it was a bigfoot ,sasquatch etc…i am just saying it was something i cannot explain….and from an area i have spent a great deal of my life in. i have had other people share weird experiences from that area…but again…i don’t usually put too much stock in other people saying stuff unless i know them and it is THEIR experience…