ASSR: Waiparous Sasquatch Sighting While Off-roading (2009)

Report Submitted November 25, 2009

Witness Name Withheld

ASSR Note: In discussions, the witness thought the animal was at least six feet tall, yet moved quickly upon exiting off the trail. The witnesses partner traveling in the next vehicle  ( 50 yards behind),  saw a different animal. This would make for two animals sighted.


I have been debating whether or not to report this for the last couple weeks… So here it goes. If you choose to post this I would like this anonymous for obvious reasons.

This took place in February 2007 during the week of 10-17th, not certain which day now. But at the time approx 2pm in the afternoon myself and a couple buddies were 4 wheeling on a trail  near the Waiparous recreation area, heading from north to south, we were coming up on the first creek crossing, just rounding the corner and as I was scouting ahead I noticed that someone was standing on the trail ahead of us across the creek. This person was wearing all dark seemingly almost reddish clothes and appeared to have on a big parka. I stopped and was watching this “person” and saw that it was looking at us but it was all one color (distance was approx. 400 meters), no discernible features were noticed other than the one-piece colour and no light coloured face like I would have expected. This watching went on for less than a minute when he turned his head took two strides and disappeared into the densest part of the bush off the trail (heading east)… both my friend and I looked at each other and commented on how weird that seemed. What struck me at the time was how “smooth” those two strides were… they were graceful. At the time I just chalked it up to being a person as it wouldn’t have been the first time I had seen someone walking around there in the winter but normally they stay on the trail… It wasn’t till about a month ago after seeing a special on TV about the sasquatch that it hit me, the Patterson/Gimlin Film creature walked the same way this thing did. I haven’t really been able to put it out of my mind since.

There is no doubt in my mind that this was unusual and at the time both my friend and I commented on how weird that behavior was for a person. From my perspective and looking at all the sightings in Alberta, it could very well have been a sasquatch, unfortunately we did not look for tracks or any other evidence since at the time we just thought it was human… but the stride never did strike me right… in my estimation it covered up to 25 feet in two steps. Also I am not unfamiliar with the woods, I have traveled and camped from Waterton NP to past Grand Cache all along the forestry trunk and side roads for the last 20+ years and have never seen/smelt/heard/stepped in anything that I could say for certain was unknown.

I realize all of this is just opinion but after looking at sightings for the last couple weeks, it struck me that this spot is just due east of Lake Minnewanka and would be easy access west into the deeper mountain ranges. If anything if you are plotting sightings this report may be of use to you.