ASSR: Witness Sighting West of Edmonton (2009)

August 27, 2009  07:13 PM Quote from Witness
“Well went out around 4pm today to do some scouting. I did some tree knocks first and got a response, but it was quite far from where I was and thought it was kinda cool. I continued hiking along a ridge were I could get down to the  river, and walked along the river looking at different animal tracks (Moose, deer, wolf…ect). After a while I went, back up the river the way I came to climb back up the bank. As I was climbing the steep bank I noticed a big poplar tree (still green with leaves) still firmly in the ground but pulled down in a arch and the top was kinda braced/weaved through some other trees. I thought this was cool so I climbed the rest of the way up the bank to the top to have something to drink and take some pics. I also noticed a sapling twisted at the top (with the top still attached) and a much larger tree to the left of me also twisted over. While I was sitting at the top getting my camera out of my backpack to take some pics something in the bush about 10-20′ away started screaming at me, so as this kinda freaked me out I pulled my bear spray out and started hiking out as quickly as I could while what ever it was continued to scream at me till I was just about were I parked. As soon as I got home I went on the net to try to figur out what was screaming at me and all the animals (deer,elk,moose,wolf,bear,cougar) were not the sound I heard, so I have no idea what it was.”


August 27, 2009   07:49 PM   Quote from Witness
“The screams started very low to high pitched (kinda hard to describe…like a waaaa very deep then up high), made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. Didn’t expect to hear any thing, and had just finished marking on my GPS (before I started to climb the hill) a spot on the river that kept getting (what I thought) was a big trout splashing infront of me.”


August 28, 2009   01:10 AM   Quote from Witness
“Like I said it was like the Puyallup scream just deeper at the start. I think I will try maybe going back tomorrow and look for some solid evidence, maybe some tracks other than the scrapes made by something big coming up the hill. I will also get some picks this time of that poplar tree arch and the others. Wish I had a little more backbone the first time and had not bolted. I will keep you posted and if I can find a recorder of some sort I will record anything strange I hear and maybe figure out what it is.”


September 25, 2009  12:43 PM  Quote from Witness
“Well I went out today to the same area I went before, but this time found some tracks in the mud by the river. My first thought was they were from someone walking along the river in barefeet, but they looked quite deep in the mud and I bearly made a track in the same mud and I am close to 200lbs. The next thing I noticed was how far apart each track was, I would have had to do the splits and or jump to go from one track to the next. The only thing I can think of is, if they are real tracks then the animal that made them is a juvinial, as they are not as big as tracks a person would expect but not small either, as I wear size 11 and they were wider and longer than mine. I really don’t know what to think as this is the first clear tracks I have ever found. “
Sasquatch Footprint
This photo was taken in September of 2009. The Alberta Sasquatch Sighting Reports (ASSR) through contacts, knows the source to be credible. The foot print was found in an isolated area, a short drive west of Edmonton.