ASSR: Witness Spots Sasquatch Near Grande Cache (2009)

Report Submitted June 20, 2010
Occurance date:  August 2009

We were coming back from our summer holiday from Kelowna, B.C and on our way home to Grande Prairie.We pulled into Grande Cache to get gas to finish our last leg of our journey the Death Race was being held that night in August so the gas station was still open… anyway about 25 minutes out of Grande Cache doing about 85KPH we came around a long dogleg right bend in the road downhill to a flat stretch of highway.

At that point i noticed to my right looking through the passenger window (my wife was sitting beside the window) a large body standing very very close to the highway. Our vehicle is a Toyota Sequoia and stands about 6’5″ at rooftop this thing i caught a quick glance at was bigger than the roof of the Toyota. It was rust orange brown coarse hair and what i saw at a very quick glance was a chest of a body “NOT A MOOSE” about 1 minute after we passed this thing i asked my wife if she had seen the same thing i saw…and her reply was yes …she had a better view than me sitting in the passenger seat but was too afraid to say anything because she knew i would turn around and go back for a look. Our Kids were asleep in the back but she had a terible feeling about what she saw and i was creeped out as well…again this thing if i do the math correctly was a good 2′ and a half feet taller than our Toyota i would make it about 8’4″.Keep in mind our highbeams were on and are very good at lighting up the sides of the road.
Here’s the kicker where this thing was standing it could have heard me coming for at least a good 45 seconds before i got close to it(as we had just come down a hill with high beam lights on) and down the stretch of road were junior sized deer feeding near the highways edge… i got the distinct feeling that what ever this was may have been using our blinding head lights and noise as a distraction to get at the young deer along the road just ahead of us… i maybe wrong about this but it was really weird how close it was to our vehicle and the fact that it could have moved off before we got to it..has anyone else reported this behaviour?
I was born in Grande Prairie and am very familar with Moose, Deer, Bears and other area creatures this was not any of those. Also i am 46 at the time of the sighting and both my wife and i don’t wear or need glasses and are 20/17 for vision.
Hope this helps… been wanting to tell someone for a while now… but was afraid of ridicule.