BFRO: A creature spotted walking along shoreline of Spruce Coulee Reservoir (1998)

Report # 1403  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, July 18, 1998.

A creature spotted walking along shoreline

YEAR: 1998

SEASON: Unknown



LOCATION DETAILS: Canada, spruce coulee resevoir, in western cypress hills.The town of elkwater is about twenty minute drive from spruce coulee resvoir.The nearest road has no name but leads to the resivoir from highway #41.Highway #41 heads south from the transcanada highway through the western part of the cypress hills to the united states border crossing called wildhorse.

OBSERVED: while fishing at sprucecoullee a creature came bounding out of the trees and then started walking along the shoreline,the creature stopped walking and started to look in my direction that is when i called my partner ,who was also fishing, to come and take a look to see what i was seeing was real. my partner had a very good look at it ,that is when some low cloud rolled in and we both lost sight of it. we ran back to our vehicle and quickly left the area.the creature was between seven and eight feet tall we did not have an idea what it would have weighed. the color was a reddish brown.when i first saw the creature i froze with fear,when it stopped walking an started to look in my direction that is when i called my partner to have a look.the distance the creature may have been from us was about 50 – 100 yards.

ALSO NOTICED: nothing was heard or seen before this incident that we know of.

OTHER WITNESSES: we were both fishing along the dam.

ENVIRONMENT: lots of pine trees poplar and spruce trees.the ground in the area is very hard and full of rocks.