BFRO: Alberta (Class B) Mother and daughter hear screams in the night near Entwhistle (2001-2003)

Report # 7250  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, October 28, 2003.

2001 – 2003 Alberta (Class B) Mother and daughter hear screams in the night near Entwhistle

YEAR: 2001-2003


MONTH: October

DATE: 26



LOCATION DETAILS: The screams had sounded so loud she thought the thing was close by, and she had heard crashing in the trees but like I said the house is situated about 50 to 60yards east of the canyon, between the house and the canyon are a mass of trees and brush. No one had searched for signs of tracks due to the density of the brush and steepness of the canyon.

NEAREST TOWN: Entwhistle


OBSERVED: This report is for my wife. While visiting her Mother in Entwhistle,Alberta she says she has heard those loud erie screams late at night exactly like the ones you have recorded on this site. She has heard them on two occasions once in Sept of 2001 and another time Oct 26/2003. Her mother’s house is located about 60yards from the Pembina river valley where there is a deep canyon. The first time she heard heavy crashing in the trees and then the scream. She was resting in a trailer just outside her Moms house at the time then ran into the house because of fear. Her mother and step-dad laughed at her and said she was hearing things. The second time which was Oct26/2003 she and her daughter and step-dad all heard it late at night and said they have never heard anything like it in all their lives. Its a sound they say that causes their hair to stand up. Her mother has also keard the same horrific scream on one occasion last year. Those things must migrate through that canyon on a regular bases.

ALSO NOTICED: Those screams have been heard there every year for the last 3 years that I know of.

OTHER WITNESSES: Her mother, daughter and step-dad have heard the screams

OTHER STORIES: Through the years there have been reports in this area of screams and sightings.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Both occurences where early in the morning about 1 to 3 am. In the Oct incident the weather was blustery and windy and the night was dark, no moon or stars.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine and brush.Deep canyon where at the bottom flows the Pembina river.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Adrian Erickson:

I talked twice with R.J. and once with her mother V.P. and found them both very open, sincere and very credible. Both mother and daughter grew up hunting and fishing in the north central Alberta bush. They both are very familiar with the calls of the “known” animals and birds of the area. These calls were of a volume and a pitch that they had never heard before; R.J. said it caused her “hair to stand up” and her mother V.P. was extremely scared by it and really didn’t want to talk about it. R.J. stated that when she heard the screams the first time in 2001, she could hear the heavy footsteps as it came running by the trailer she was in. She said she didn’t even breathe, afraid it would hear her. She said it screamed several times and she also clearly heard another creature answer at least 2 times some distance further away, and it had a bit different cry. R.J. said she was scared beyond belief by this first episode and didn’t sleep the rest of the night and as soon as it was daylight, ran into her mother’s house. The next year R.J. was with her mother when they clearly heard the screams again.