BFRO: Creature seen standing 75 feet from family home (1977)

Report # 1404  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Monica Cochran on Tuesday, August 25, 1998.

Creature seen standing 75 feet from family home.

YEAR: 1977

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February



LOCATION DETAILS: We were living on a farm owned by my father which is 7 1/2 miles northwest of the town of Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada. You can see this property by leaveing Drayton Valley, Alberta go north out of town on the highway 5 miles, turn left west now your on the highway heading toward Cynthia, Alberta drive one mile then turn right and go 1 1/2 miles now heading north. It is the second farm on your left. This farm was in the county of parkland at the time. The big foot walked across my father’s farm about 1:00am the month was about February. My husband Rae and I, were alone, it was late we were just heading to bed when we heard the scream from the big foot.

OBSERVED: I was scared when I heard the big foot scream, my husband looked out the door rightaway. He put on his boots and went to track it. I held him back and told him that is not human what just screamed. He said he new this. Well we can not see nothing it is the dark of the moon, and the yard light is not working. We decided to track it the very next morning. We walked out and saw that the big foot was standing only 75 feet away from our home there at the time on the west side of the garage. It had left its foot prints in the snow, we followed the foot prints which went through our sawmp. The big foot tracks were 18inches long, and 6 5/8’s inches across, you could see the bare foot and it had five toes just like us, with heal as a human has. We came upon a tree where the big foot must have rested, it had lend up to a pine tree, but had torn some hair off, as it pulled away from the frozen tree. I grabed the hair and put it in my leather bag. When my father came home I showed him the hair that the big foot left that night.

ALSO NOTICED: The big foot as I said left hair that froze to the tree. I put it in my leather bag and brought it home for my father to see. The big foot scream was very strange as it was like alraming us that it was walking through. My husband said our lights inside might have frieghtened it I was scared when it screamed. The sound I will never forget what the big foot srcream sounds like.

OTHER WITNESSES: We had shut the TV off and headed for the bedroom when my husband and I heard the scream the big foot made.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: The year was 1977.

ENVIRONMENT: The farm had tall timber of pine, spurce, and poplar trees, but we did not have any trees in the yard, or through the trail we followed the big foot in the next morning,. The big foot had waled oout of our yrad on the west side heading northwest toward the cut line, and ended up in our swamp. This is remote area, there is not another farm for 5 miles by road to the west, or 12 miles going north.