BFRO: Family spot large, manlike “thing” across lake (1998)

Report # 1401  (Class A)
Submitted by Brian Thompson on Friday, May 1, 1998.

Family spot large, manlike “thing” across lake, later find huge footprints near a trash pit

YEAR: 1988

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August



LOCATION DETAILS: This occurred in the province of Alberta in Canada. Haig Lake approximatley 150-175 miles north of Peace River, AB. Latitude – Longitude : 56° 54′ 00″ N – 116° 06′ 00″ W

OBSERVED: My ex-wife and her family where out in the area of Haig Lake, AB. Her dad was driving a grader for the fire crews, building roads to access the fire area’s. There was not much to do so they fished alot at Haig lake, This one day Denise, her mother, brother and nephew where fishing at the one end of the lake, when Joe (her brother) said “look at the bear on the other side”. So sure enough they looked across and aproximatley 500m-1km across and there was a large hairy “thing” walking on 2 legs and coming around towards them. They descibed it as being big, at least over 6ft and moving quickly on 2 legs and not droppng to 4 legs at any time. The color is the odd thing, she said that it was grey and black in color. Any way, it was moving to fast for her mothers liking so they left and went back to their camp.

ALSO NOTICED: That night at camp Joe went to take the garbage back to the “pit” about 1 km away and came back white as a ghost and took their dad back with him and showed him some huge footprints.

OTHER WITNESSES: Fishing. And having supper.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Not sure about [the date] 1987–88 July or August.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine Forest along side a lake.