BFRO: Sighting by hunters south of Longview (2003)

Report # 9876  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, November 27, 2004.

Sighting by hunters south of Longview

YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: November



LOCATION DETAILS: south of longveiw about 40kms



OBSERVED: A friend and I were out hunting south of Longveiw Alberta. we had tried our luck up a road called the indian graves but saw nothing so we headed back to the main road going south. As we were heading south we rounded a kind of bend in the road. We got around the corner and there was a hillside on the right. The tree line started at the bottom of the hill and ended about half way up the hill with two pine trees at the very top. My buddy all of asudden said whats that thing up there. I was driving so I took a quick glance and there was a large black thing standing between the pine trees at the top of the hill. I started to slow down and pull over when this thing went from the top of the hill in 2ft of snow to the tree line in about 3 seconds. I’m guessing the distance to be about 100 hundred yrds. We watched it in the trees for about 1minute and then it dissapeard. we both agreed that what ever it was was walking on 2ft.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was about 2 in the afternoon.lots of cloud cover


Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Blaine McMillan :

(For privacy reasons I will refer to the witness as John.)

On 05 May 2007 I talked to John and I found him to be a highly credible witness. John is a very avid and successful hunter. He and his hunting partners are very familiar with the area as they have harvested many types of wild game near the place where this sighting occured.

John explained that game animals are often spotted along the hills and ridges that parallel the roads. It was his partners job to monitor these hills as they drove from one hunting location to another. When John’s partner spotted something moving on a ridge to the left he slowed and stopped the vehicle. From the inside the the truck the two hunters watched a large upright bipedal creature walk down the slope and into the safety of some brush. John stated that it covered a distance of close to 100 yards in short amount of time despite the fact that the snow was close to two feet in depth.

John exited the vehicle and steadied himself across the hood of the truck so he could inspect the brush with his binoculars. Over the next minute he could see what appeared to be a sasquatch moving around in the thicket. He described the head as being connected to the body with no neck. The hair covering its body was black in colour and varied in length over parts of its body. John said that appeared to be very muscular and well proportioned except the arms which were longer than normal.

After a minute he could no longer see it moving in the trees and he and his partner retuned to their vehicle. It was at this time that they tried to deduce what they had just seen. As seasoned hunters they both know that what they had seen could not have been a bear and if it was a hunter he would have been wearing blaze orange and would have been carrying a weapon. Neither of these were observed.

The witness did not hear any vocalizations nor did he detect any odours. However as he did not see the animal leave the thicket he felt that it was still hidden there when he and his hunting partner drove away.

*Recent Comments were posted stating that blaze orange is not required while hunting big game in Alberta. The Alberta Hunter Education Centre informed me that although it was rmanditory by law until the mid-80’s Alberta hunters now are only required to where blaze orange when hunting on National Defence property. In all other locations in the province they now have a choice in wearing it or not. I was also told that most seasoned hunters still wear blaze orange out of safety and out of habit.
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ASO Note: I’ve included some videos below from a YouTuber who visited these locations and filmed some footage. This is to give people an idea of the type of country that this report comes from.