GCBRO: Witness and uncle spot 2 creatures in the evening (1972)

DATE:         07/01/72

TIME:          Late night

LOCATION:   Alberta Canada, Alaska Highway

TERRAIN:     Wooded

OBSERVED:   My uncle and I were going home after visiting cousins. Suddenly, my Uncle stopped dead in his tracks. The few dogs of our cousins were giving off a low growl/whimper kind of noise as if they couldn’t decide what to do. My Uncle pointed to two figures that I could not see. I had to get glasses and I tried very hard to squint and figure out what my Uncle was looking at. He turned as did I, to run back to my cousins place. My Uncle was so scared that he jumped over a fair sized fence while I crawled underneath. Later, my Uncle asked me if I saw the figures that he was pointing to. I said no and then he told me what he saw. He saw to black figures. One was significantly smaller then the other. they were standing near a house that was approximately between our house and my cousin’s place. The dogs came running back to the house as well, not bothering to invesigate what these creatures were.

There was an old swing that stood in front of the house where the creatures were standing. I am going to ask my Uncle about what exactly it is that he saw and I will ask him about the features of these two beings. I was about twelve but I always remembered the fear and the feeling of something happening that was surreal. It is hard to describe the emotions.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESSES:  Going home after a night of playing cards and visiting with family.

OTHER SIGHTINGS IN THIS AREA: There have been many sightings and stories, and I have started to document these sightings from friends, family, neighbors and myself included. None have been documented on any site or book that I know of.