GCBRO: Witness has two childhood visual sightings (1973)

DATE:  June 01, 1973

TIME:   Various

LOCATION:  Alberta, Canada

TERRAIN:  Wooded

OBSERVED:   I saw something mysterious two times in my life. First was when I was about 9 years old. I was waiting for the bus on the road, about 100 yards from my house. I was throwing rocks and waiting patiently for the bus to come up a hill. As I was looking in the direction of that hill (about 200-300 yards away), I saw what I thought was a man or boy running across the road from right to left. I thought it was the one of the boys playing tag that lived about a half mile down the road where the bus was coming. When I got on the bus the first thing I asked was if those boys were playing atop that hill near where I lived. They said “No.” Years later I began to question who would be running across a wooded area that early in the morning (about 7:00am). The houses were pretty far apart and there was plenty of wooded areas where I lived.

Another time when I was about 12,  two friends and I were headed home in the late evening. It was summer but where I live in northwestern Alberta, the sun stays up long in the summer. We were coming up a hill and although it was dark, I could still make out the shapes of trees and stuff. We were walking along and I was on the left hand side as we were headed in a west direction along a dirt road. We were talking when I noticed something in the ditch to my left. As we were walking by it I didn’t want to look directly at whatever it was. I didn’t want to tell the others or scare or panic them or myself. As we walked by, my body was like in auto pilot as we kept walking. I looked thru the corner of my eye. I saw what appeared to be something lying on the ditch, very still. It was dark and the one leg was bent more then the other leg, as if it was trying to blend with the grass and darkness. I walked faster but didn’t run because I didn’t want whatever it was to chase us. I never told those other two boys about it. Maybe they saw it too. One day I will ask them.

In our youth there were numerous stories of the odd variety in our area, like something wading in the lake appearing to fish, things knocking on windows, a huge man looking in the window at night. There were other stories and another mysterious encounters.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES):  Waiting for the school bus/ walking with friends

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:  In the first sighting the creature was running, looked slow but covered lots of ground. It appeared like it was trying hard not to be noticed.  In the second report, the creature was hiding from us. It was perfectly still. The legs were long and appeared to be hairy. The feet looked long and narrow. There was no smell or maybe I was just in a state of shock. It was as though the creature was very adept at blending in and hiding.