GCBRO: Witness spots “Bigfoot” while retrieving the mail (1992)

DATE: July 1992

TIME: Noon

LOCATION:  Alberta, Canada

TERRAIN:  Wooded

OBSERVED:  I went out side to get the mail, I was probably eight.  There was a sudden noise in the woods next to my yard, I heard twigs snapping.  I looked at the woods and saw a huge, dark creature.  It looked like Big Foot and that’s what I thought it was.  It started walking further away from me, it walked on its hind legs!  I ran like heck back into my house.  I told my mom about the creature and she told me it had to have been a bear or something.  But I know it wasn’t because bears don’t walk on their hind legs and there’s never been a report of a bear in those woods.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES):  Walking outside to retrieve the mail.

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:   A huge, dark creature , looked ape-like that walked on it’s hind legs.

OTHER NOTES:   Two weeks after this happened to me, my older sister was having a sleep over and they were planning on sleeping out in the yard. But one of her friends saw something big and ape-like nearby, needless to say they didn’t sleep outside that night. My dog was found dead and it looked like some nasty creature killed her.