GCBRO: Witness spots brown sasquatch from vehicle (2000)

DATE:  June 18, 2000

TIME:  5:32 A.M.

LOCATION:  Alberta, Canada

TERRAIN:  National Park

OBSERVED:  I was getting up early to hit the mountains up in XXXX. so I went out and started my car. In 5 minutes  I left my cabin to the car and I was driving down an old gravel road just north of XXXX. It was just starting to get lighter outside and I saw something was on the road. I slowed down a bit and suddenly I slammed on my brakes. I was aprox 30 maybe 40 feet away from him.I have been waiting all my life to see one and I finally did. I was excited and kind of scared, I didn’t move a muscle it was like he was watching me observe him. He was brownish with a blackish mix, about 7’1″ I would say and close to 500 pounds.

But any way he was just standing there, I didn’t know what to do so I just sat there. A few minutes passed and he went off to the right just off the road and sat in the bushes, so I pulled up a bit more to get a better look. I pulled up right beside him and stopped. He panicked and got up and ran into the bush.


DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE:   Brownish/Black, 7’1″, and about 500 pounds

OTHER NOTES:   I could hear it making grunting sounds and saw him scratching himself.