SasCan: Hiker is followed by creature near Edson


This class B account comes from Diane B. from Edson Alberta, sent directly to Sasquatch Canada via Facebook:
I of course enjoy reading stories that have taken place so close to me. I wish that I could hear stories of sightings etc here in Edson and area. I can’t be the only one. I did however come across one small article of a sighting on one of the hiking trails and recognize the area to be behind my house. Never any follow up. But they are back there this time of year. I have observed this over the last few years, spring and fall they pass thru. I’m sure they are heading into the parks, they are safe there and can avoid hunters. The smell is something else!!! One park in particular I have had a few experiences and others talk of bad feelings and shadows. Last week I was walking one of my dogs out back, I felt something there and Chinooks nose was going crazy, sniffing high in the air. I stopped to scan the bush and heard low growls just off in the bush. It scared me, my first instinct was to run and my first five steps, I swear my feet didn’t touch the ground. Last night I took the girls out. I was leary. The bush was stinky and the air was heavy. I walked out to the back feilds and then down the feild making a loop back to the trail and home. Something followed me, at first I was thinking maybe a deer but every time I stopped it stopped but I could hear twigs break on the ground. Second trip with the other dog, we went through the opposite way making a loop. Bad vibes. All the dogs were nuts last night, barking like crazy. There is also a spine and ribs of a deer placed in the trees just before the entrance to the feilds.