SasCan: Large footprints found near Ram Falls (1998)

In the summer of 1998, my wife, son and myself went camping in the Ram Falls area west of Caroline, Alberta. By chance I noticed some odd tracks going through the muskeg. It was early afternoon and we were in no rush so I decided to stop and look some more.

We never did see any animal but the tracks were quite large in comparison with my own boots. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 205 lbs; my foot was half the size of the footprint. What was particularly interesting was that I only sank into the soil about 1 inch, but the tracks were easily 3-4 inches deep. It gave me the willys and we left. It could have been a LARGE bear but it would have had to been walking on two legs.

Kevin H. of Red Deer
Logged January 2, 2004