SasCan: Roadside crossing between Ft. Assiniboine and Swan Hills on Hwy 33 (2006)

Swan Hills, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
April 14, 2006

I live in Edmonton Alberta, and on April 14/06 I had seen something that has changed my opinions a lot. I was traveling on Hwy 33 north a relatively small two-lane highway that doesn’t see alot of traffic. I travel this road several times a year to get to our lake lot at Shaws Point on Lesser Slave Lake. I routinely see alot of wildlife along this road and normally will not travel it at night because of the large amount of deer, and moose. Between Ft. Assiniboine and Swan Hills at around 9:15pm I had saw something enter my vision from the  right side of the road up ahead at about 150-200 feet away, I initially thought I was seeing a moose or bear because of the size and dark color but very quickly realized I was seeing something walking on two feet and upright like a human. It was tall but not overly tall as explained by most people who claim to have seen them. I believe it was around the 6 ft tall mark and was rather gangly looking with longer arms than a human that had a definite sway to them as it walked. The creature was moving across the road from one end of the tree line to the other, in what I would call a very fast walk but not running. It seemed to not even notice that my car was coming toward it at high rate of speed (I didn’t see it look towards me). The sighting didn’t last long but long enough to have it kick in fast that I had seen a Bigfoot or what I now call Sasquatch.  I was feeling very spooked by what I had just seen and when I got to the spot where it had just gone into the woods on the left of me I was not about to stop. I did have a camera with me in the trunk of my car but there would have been no time to get a picture in the situation given even if I had decided to try to get a pic. Upon coming back home a couple days later I traveled back through the area with eagle eyes and saw only deer mind you it was about 2:30pm, not the same time as before. I have traveled this area alot and never noticed anything like this. I did a little looking around on the net in the last few weeks and have learned alot about these animals, I also submitted a report to Oregon bigfoot but only because it was one of the first sites I came across and they have never contacted me even after leaving my phone # and e-mail just 4 days after this all occurred.

I would like to learn more now and even go into areas were these animals are said to exist. I would also like to know if these animals stay within the general area were they are seen??? The area this sighting was made in is very remote and there is thick forest as far as the eye can see, I would like to explore this area more.