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Alberta Sasquatch Organization 2019-04-10

ASO Report #057 – Boulder Throwing, Chatter Heard at Elk...

→ Type of Encounter: Vocalizations, Object Throwing → Reported by: Confidential

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Alberta Sasquatch Organization 2019-03-29

ASO Report #053 – 1986 Visual Sighting Near Nakiska Ski...

→ Type of Encounter: Visual Sighting → Reported by: Confidential → Location of

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Sasquatch Chronicles 2018-03-09

Sasquatch Chronicles: Encounters from Alberta, Canada (Ep. 324)

Wes Germer over at the Sasquatch Chronicles podcast broadcast this episode back in

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Video of Sasquatch Spotted Near Calgary

This is a bit of an older video, first published back on 27 January 2014 but still

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