June 19, 2019
THE VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH - Recon Mission Complete - Mountain Beast Mysteries 100

Justin was able to make the rest of the way out to the valley that we hope to make more use of this summer and beyond. Check out this sneak peak of things to come.

June 18, 2019
Bigfoot: Evolution of a Legend

“This post looks at how Bigfoot research has evolved over the years from the time of my childhood in the early ‘70s to where it stands today, with its forays into the paranormal, UFO phenomenon, ... See more

June 8, 2019
Stories From HowToHunt.com | Alberta Sasquatch

Since so many people have been enjoying the witness stories from HowToHunt.com we decided we would create a dedicated section of the website to feature his ... See more

June 5, 2019
History Check

On June 21st the Alberta Sasquatch Organization will be doing a Live Stream with Alberta’s HistoryCheck. They have a specific focus on historical points of interest for travellers. Check out the ... See more

May 31, 2019

ASO Report #059 Now Live!

Camper has possible night time encounter inside his camp site and his companion is growled at by an unseen ... See more

May 31, 2019
Jeremy Wade suspects an Italian lake holds Loch Ness-like secrets

“However, at 63, still hooked on solving the mysteries of the deep, he is back with a new series, Jeremy Wade's Dark Waters. This time, Wade is looking into baffling, unsolved mysteries ranging ... See more

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