January 25, 2020
Sasquatch Camouflage/"Cloaking": The Role of Hair and Oil

Here is an interesting video on Sasquatch hair from our friend Christopher Noël. The video discusses the unique nature of their hair oils, mineral composition, and semi translucent nature of some ... See more

January 23, 2020
Alberta cold snap killed 95% of mountain pine beetles, says biologist | CBC News

Looking for an upside to the nearly -40° C (-40°F) weather we had here in Alberta?

"We are seeing patches where we see better than 95 per cent death, so less than five per cent are living in these ... See more

January 22, 2020
Possible Sasquatch Sighting outside Squamish, BC

What are your thoughts on the Squamish, BC Sasquatch footage from 2014?


January 22, 2020
BIGFOOT EVIDENCE FOUND - Multiple Trackways Discovered - Strange Structures - MBM 121

In the most recent video from Mountain Beast Mysteries, Justin discusses some very interesting Bigfoot track evidence along with some structures which were discovered in the same area. Don't forget ... See more

January 21, 2020
Human remains found at Joshua Tree National Park have been identified as a missing Canadian man

Miller's family from Guelph, Canada made several trips back to California to search for him during the time that he was missing, according to reporting from CNN affiliate CTV. Family members told CTV ... See more

January 21, 2020
Strange Brau Radio/ Ron Morehead of Quantum Bigfoot

A bit more controversial of a follow-up to today’s topic of the Sierra Sounds by Ron Morehead. Here’s his presentation on Quantum Bigfoot:


January 21, 2020
Bigfoot Sierra Sounds - Searching for Sonic Clues (ThinkerThunker)

Follow-up to our previous post on the Sierra Sounds by Ron Morehead.


January 20, 2020
Sasquatch Language & Communication

Sasquatch Language & Communication with Ron Morehead. Excellent 2019 presentation enclosed.


January 20, 2020
The Status of The “Wildman” Research in China | Wokehub

Chinese historical documents contain many references to Wildman, a supposed large unknown primate reported today in numerous provinces. Scientific interest in Wildman in modem China began in the late ... See more

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